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5 simple exercises to lift saggy breasts

The lifecycle of a woman comes with many stages, many of which are consequential to the way she looks.

While saggy breasts occur as a result of factors like age, pregnancy, and weight gain or loss, which might be out of our control, some other times, we can, by ourselves, cause our breasts to sag with bad habits like smoking, lack of proper bra support and sunburn.

Nevertheless, surgery is not the only solution. In this article, we will be examining simple exercises that can help lift saggy breasts – hopefully, this can help lift your confidence.

Dumbbell Press on Incline Bench

The dumbbell press on the inclined bench is one exercise that helps to make your breasts a lot firmer. All you need to do is lie on an inclined bench, push the dumbbells up and then take them down along your shoulders. With the right level of consistency, you can start seeing results.


Another workout routine that works for improving the outlook of saggy breasts is pushups. It works perfectly because it elevates the muscles in the breast, improving the overall outlook. All you need to do is lie flat and push yourself in a way that still leaves your elbows slightly bent. At this point, you can bend your legs at the knees, but you should still keep the tension in your stomach area. Push yourself down and then maintain a four-second count before you get back up. Do as much as you can but avoid doing too much to prevent excessive pain, which will prevent you from exercising the next day.

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This exercise is one which does a lot of work not just for the firmness of your breasts but also helps to tone the muscles of your arms, legs and muscles. The T-Plank might seem complicated, but it is not; here are steps to follow to get it right:
● Position yourself like you want to do some pushups.
● Slowly lift your left hand upwards, as seen in the image.
● Allow the right hand to support the left.
● Sustain the posture for 15 seconds.
● Switch hands and then repeat at least ten times.

Dumbbell press

If you have 5–10-pound dumbbells, then you can use this routine to your advantage. This is one of the best ways to improve the firmness of your breasts, and this helps to lift them better. Here are some of the steps you need to take to get it right:
● Lie down flat on your back.
● Hold the dumbbells in both hands totally straight.
● Bend your elbows about 90 degrees.
● Then slowly move your arms back to a straight position.
● Repeat the process about 20 times.

The Wall Push

The final exercise on our list is the push wall exercise. It is relatively simple, and as long as you can make it a part of your daily routines, you are definitely going to see great results. Take a look at some of the steps involved:
● Stand in front of a wall.
● While standing, rest your hands on the wall you are facing.
● Ensure your palms are bearing the weight of your body.
● Slowly try to act like you are trying to push the wall away.
● Keep this pressure for about 15 seconds.
● Relax and then repeat the process about ten times.

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Bottom Line

If your breasts are sagging, you do not need to go for surgery – these exercises can do wonders for you. While it will not happen overnight, you need a high level of consistency before you can get the right results.

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