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Benefits of a good sex life

Having a great and supportive partner and a great sex life is one of the best things any woman can ask for.

You feel satisfaction and happiness during and after the process, but there is more to having a great sexual life than just the climax.

According to a WebMD article, there are loads and loads of benefits to having a good sex life; let’s take a look at some of them.

If you are wondering why having a good sex life is so important, here are some of the benefits:

Improved bladder control: at least 30% of the female population suffer from incontinence – the unintentional passing of urine – and this is because of a weak pelvic floor. Having a good sex life helps to strengthen the pelvic floor – think of it as exercise – and this improves bladder control.

Stress relief: a great sex life helps to relieve every form of stress we experience in life. When we have sex, we feel a high level of excitement and pleasure, and this relieves stress. Think of it as a refresh button that helps to keep you going.

Improved partner intimacy: a good relationship brings happiness, and a good sexual life means better intimacy with your partner. This helps you to trust and care for your partner a lot better, and this breeds happiness of the highest order.

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A healthy libido: a lot of women do not have a healthy libido, and this is because they do not have sex very often. However, having good sex, on the other hand, improves your libido. It makes a woman a lot more eager to have sex than before.

Improves your sleep: if you are finding it difficult to sleep, having a good sex life helps you sleep better. When you climax as a woman, you easily sleep off and for much longer, to be precise. This helps you sleep better, and this is good on all counts.

Lowered blood pressure: having good sex is like combining good sex and a dose of happiness, and these are the recipes for lowering blood pressure. This means that having more sex means healthy blood pressure.

A healthy immune system: having healthy sex helps to boost your immune system. Sex helps to produce more antibodies, and this helps to fight different illnesses. More antibodies mean falling sick less often, and this is great for overall health.

Bottom line

Having healthy and safe sex has loads of benefits, as we have highlighted here – irrespective of age. If you have a partner, you need to do everything you can to spice up your sex life because it is great for you as a woman as well as for your partner.

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For those who are single, sex should be consensual, meaning that both parties should agree before it happens.

If you are finding it difficult to have sex as often as you would want, consult your physician.

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