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Confidence and fashion, a classic match

Over the course of the first quarter of the year 2023, we have covered numerous fashion tips that have helped countless women look and feel better about themselves. However, there seems to be a gap somewhere, which is the confidence gap.

According to a Psychology Today article, confidence is clearly defined as belief in oneself.
Confidence is the spice that brings everything together, which is why we will be taking a look at confidence, why it is essential in the world of fashion (especially for women), and how to gain more confidence. This is so exciting; I can actually taste it.

You wear the hat, it’s not the other way around

A lot of articles today talk about gaining confidence through the things you wear but this is not entirely true. Confidence is an innate quality which can be boosted by what we wear.

This means that you are already confident irrespective of whatever you wear. So, you just need to work on your confidence as you enjoy the latest fashion tips from Iya Magazine.

If you understand that “you wear the hat” rather than having the mindset that it wears you, you are well on your way to becoming the best version of yourself.

How do you improve your self-confidence as a woman?

So, here’s the thing: most of the latest fashion trends out there today started with someone confident enough to try something different. Think about it for a moment: style trends like crazy jeans, crocs, corsets, and berets came as a result of someone ready to challenge the system.

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Tell me, if they were defined by what they wore, would they be able to challenge the system? No. Here are some of the steps to improving your self-confidence as a woman:

Work on your hygiene: There is a popular saying that “if there is no enemy within, the enemy on the outside can do us no harm.” If nobody has ever told you, then let me tell you: if you do not work on your hygiene, your body is going to smell and feel terrible. For you to feel confident, you need to work really hard on your hygiene. Brush your teeth, use your roll-on, body spray, and deodorant. Take your bath at least twice daily and clip your nails constantly. This way, you know for sure that your body is as clean as it should be.

Start with the simple things: Another step to building your confidence is to start with the simple things. The little things matter when it comes to your confidence. Things like your hair, having clean clothes, clean shoes, clean bags, necessary items like tissue, and a clean handkerchief will go a long way in building your confidence.

Be happy dressing simple: “No be every day be gen gen.” Sometimes, you have to be happy with the simple things. You need to be happy and feel complete by looking simple before taking on the latest fashion trends.

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You can put on a simple crop top, a nice pair of jeans, and a flat slipper to the movies and still feel sharp as ever. Having this mentality means that you feel comfortable, whether you look simple or hot.

Bottom Line
If you can feel confident, then you can look confident. You can take up new fashion trends without feeling as if your identity is tied to them. I see a lot of women feeling less of themselves when they do not put on certain things, but it should not be so. Use fashion as a booster and not a mask because, as you know, we cannot hide forever.

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