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Easy ways to make your house gecko-free

If you’re one who cherishes your privacy like me, then geckos around you would be a huge source of discomfort and a nuisance. And, even though there are numerous scientific claims about them being non-poisonous, the fact remains that they invade people’s spaces and can cause a scare with their stealthy, creepy nature.

Although geckos can be quite useful in that they help eat up little insects breezing around the house, that still doesn’t change the fact that they are pests and an unwanted guest.

For one, the droppings that geckos leave in random places around the home is irritating, alongside the possibility of them being a mule for bacteria and other disease-causing parasites.

If you’re not a fan of geckos and are keen on getting rid of them and regaining your personal space, below are some easy ways to do so.

Geckos invade people’s spaces and can cause a scare with their stealthy, creepy nature

Eggshell theory
Placing cracked eggshells around your home is a method that has proved to help in repelling geckos. The big idea behind this is that geckos view eggshells as a larger predator around and that puts them on the run.

Simply place a pair of eggshell halves around areas where they lurk in your room or kitchen so that they can run into them. Swap the eggshells for fresher ones regularly.

Home-made pepper spray
Get some chili or cayenne pepper and water and make a mixture of both. Pour the content into any used spray bottle for ease of use and your hand tool is ready. Ensure to use it sparingly, as too much of the pepper spray might linger longer in the atmosphere.

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Garlic, clove and onion slices
onion ringsGarlic is widely known for its pungent smell and could be put to good use against geckos and other annoying home pests. Simply crush a few cloves of garlic and place them around windows, doors, or other entryways to ward them off.

Onion slices are another irritant that can help chase geckos away. Simply place some onion slices in dark and warm areas where geckos are known to hide out. You can also hang rings of onion slices on window or wall corners to irritate them and put them off.

Glue traps
Glue trap is a cardboard with gummy surface. It can be used to trap geckos by placing them on windows, slabs, floors, or other areas where they are usually seen. You can get a spider or any other insect and put on the glue trap as a bait. The trap won’t kill a gecko, but you get the opportunity to get rid of it after it might have been caught.

Bug control
Geckos rely on insects and bugs for their meal and the fact that you have them lurking around your house means you have insects around. Getting rid of the root cause would be a better approach, as geckos would have to migrate to other places where they can get bugs to prey on.

To get rid of insects in the home, ensure to fumigate your house regularly – every eight to 12 months. Insecticide-treated window and door nets can be used to stop cockroaches, mosquitoes, and other bugs from getting in and multiplying inside your home.

Over-the-counter insecticide sprays can also be used to eliminate spiders, ants, mosquitoes, and other insects that can serve as easy meals for geckos.

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Bottom line
Contrary to social media hype, geckos are not poisonous; neither do they carry any venom. The fake news about an entire family being wiped out because they drank from a kettle with a dead gecko in it has also been debunked.

And, even though it’s true that the family died, authorities have come out to say that their unfortunate death wasn’t due to the gecko, with popular online medical portal – unboundmedical.com also publishing an article that confirms that geckos themselves are not poisonous.

If you’re one who doesn’t mind having geckos around you then, you can go ahead and let them be. If you, however, consider them a nuisance, then you can get rid of them, using any of the above methods.

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