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Fashion Do’s and Don’ts Every Corporate Lady in Nigeria Should Know

By Folashade Ogunlade

If you want to be addressed properly as a woman, especially in Nigeria here, then you need to dress properly. It is the first thing they see before they hear you speak or take action, and as you know, you only have one chance to make a lasting impression.
As a woman in the corporate world who wants to make the most out of her career and not just earn a living before getting fired, there are certain rules that guide the way you dress. Yes, thinking out of the box is great, but you always need to be guided. Here are some of the major dos and don’ts of the corporate society in Nigeria, which you need to apply right away for a good career and a lasting first impression.

Fashion Dos Every Corporate Lady in Nigeria Should Know

  1. Make sure your clothes fit – if they do not fit, tailor them to your size.
  2. Make sure your shoes are always neat and polished – it shows personal hygiene.
  3. Wear colourful and rich clothes.
  4. If you must wear your pantyhose, ensure they are nude – it shows you have more to offer than a sex appeal.
  5. Wear light and simple jewellery – the office is different from Saturday Owambe; keep it simple.
  6. Wear heels that are comfortable to walk in – nobody will nurse the pain for you.
  7. Wear your hair up and dry.
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Fashion Don’ts Every Corporate Lady in Nigeria Should Know

  1. Avoid excessively flashy colours like neon – you’re not a pointer or a street sign.
  2. Avoid using too many accessories – it shows you do not have your priorities set.
  3. Avoid trying to dress too sexy – you might be barking on the wrong tree this way.
  4. Avoid wearing see-through clothes and underwear – it is not great for your respect levels.
  5. Avoid heavy cologne – cologne is meant to make you smell great and not choke people.
  6. Avoid skirts that are too short – you’ll feel uncomfortable, trust me.

Reasons Why Your Dressing is Key to Your Success as a Woman in the Corporate World

The corporate world is already difficult as it is, with a lot of women not getting as many opportunities as they merit. Getting an opportunity to work where you want to is great, and even when you do not start at the position of your choice, you can climb the ladder of success and attain the heights you want and more.

However, one thing that can hold you back is your sense of style. If you are a corporate woman in Nigeria, these are some of the best dressing considerations that can give you the recognition and respect you need. You can be creative with these tips because nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams. Until next time in the style section of Iya magazine, always look good and feel good because you deserve it.

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