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Gele makes appearance at King Charles III’s coronation

Nigerian trademark female head gear, popularly known as gèlè, makes an appearance at the coronation of King Charles III.

The 74-year-old erstwhile Prince formally took office on Saturday in a widely publicised event that was attended by monarchs, world leaders, superstars and other high-ranking individuals from all over the world.

In a radical departure from what obtained on his mother late Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation seven decades ago, women bishops officiated at the ceremony.

The gèlè wearing woman stands out in her outfit comprising long skirt and blouse, a style worn by women of all tribes in Nigeria and many parts of West Africa.

The woman looks elegant in her simplicity as she performs her official duties at the coronation without any encumbrance.

Eva Omaghomi at the coronation of King Charles III on Saturday. Photo: Kosibah/Facebook

A Nigerian-born British official, Eva Omaghomi, also wore a traditional Nigerian style to the coronation, complete with gèlè.

According to Facebook user and designer, Yemi Kosibah Osunkoya, Omaghomi’s outfit was designed by Duaba Serwa.

He described Omaghomi as a cultural anthropologist by academic training, who, in 2021, was appointed by then Prince Charles as his Director of Community Engagement.

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