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How to Avoid Post-wedding Weight Gain

After the big wedding, the nice and skimpy wedding gown, the aso ebi, pepper them gang, after party, and the honey moon, a lot of Nigerian women find themselves adding unnecessary weight all of a sudden. I mean, if you check out the before and after pictures of a lot of women after their wedding, you’ll be shocked at how much weight some women add.

Most of the time, it’s not as if these women make a decision to put on this weight, but they just suddenly start to find out that their clothes no longer fit, their shoulders become flabby and they just look a lot bigger than they usually are.

Are you a newlywed woman looking to avoid adding a lot of weight or are you already noticing some weight gain months after your wedding? Here are some of the things you need to do to keep yourself from adding excessive weight after your wedding:

Add Exercise to your Schedule

As a newlywed, you might prefer spending time with your spouse than working out. Regular exercise can help counteract this tendency. If you and your spouse can’t work out with each other, then it’s ideal to devote the first month finding out when you can both exercise without negatively impacting your schedule. You need to look for days you are both available to workout and make the most of it.

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Avoid Unhealthy Cooking Habits

If you’re a Nigerian woman, you might have learned early on that the best way to keep your husband happy is to make him his favorite dish every night. While he may have certain cooking preferences, that doesn’t mean you have to waste time or energy making two meals every time.

Make sure to use lean meat and oil as is absolutely necessary while making the soup for your husband if he enjoys the likes of semo and amala. Even better, invite him to cook with you. Having fun in the kitchen with him is a great way to spend quality time together, and it also gives you a chance to teach him about the importance you place on a good diet.

Portion your Food Differently

Compared to you, your partner’s digestion is far more rapid. This is because his increased muscular mass increases his basal metabolic rate and explains why he is able to consume fewer calories when doing nothing. To keep his weight steady, he’ll have to consume more. To put on weight as quickly as he did, you would have to eat as much as he does. In the kitchen, this can be as simple as reducing serving sizes while still enjoying the same dish.

One strategy I favor is to use a modest dish for yourself and a bigger plate for him. You can reduce your caloric intake without making two separate meals, and it will appear as though you are eating the same quantity of food.

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Bottom Line

While it’s possible that you might put on some pounds after tying the knot, you shouldn’t assume as much. The preceding advice can help you organize your schedule so that you can spend quality time with your new partner without sacrificing your fitness or your stunning appearance.

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