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Jumping Ropes Benefits You Do Not Want To Skip

By Femi Paseda

Staying fit as a woman is essential. Time and time again, we hear of how important it is to take care of our bodies so we can remain healthy and live healthy throughout our lifetime. Jumping ropes, also known as skipping, is something we were used to doing when we were much younger.

However, it is something we can keep on doing as women to remain healthy and strong. Jumping ropes might not be easy at the start, especially for those who have not done it in a long while, but with a high level of consistency, tenacity, and patience, you can incorporate it into your busy schedule. You might feel like a little girl at the start, which is totally normal, but, in the end, you will feel great physically and mentally. Here are some of the benefits of jumping ropes:

1. Improves Your Bone Health

The female body is subjected to a lot of things, from menstruation to childbirth and even breastfeeding, and one of the things that can help ensure that we remain healthy enough for all of these activities and more are healthy bones. Jumping ropes is a load-bearing exercise which makes you put pressure on your skeletal system, and this improves your bone health.

2. It helps prevent Injury

You know how everyone looks at women as fragile? Well, it’s because we do not exercise enough. We easily get injured because the bones have not been subjected to enough controlled pressure, something we get from skipping. When you skip, it makes your bones a lot stronger, preventing them from getting fractured in minor falls.

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3. Improves your Heart Health

Jumping rope is a high-intensity exercise which increases your heart rate far more than other forms of cardio like cycling and walking. It keeps your heart pumping and racing, preventing any clogged arteries and heart conditions. It also benefits your lungs, reduces your blood pressure, and helps with weight loss. This is one routine that fixes a lot of things keeping women healthy.

4. It can be done anywhere and everywhere

Busy women such as ourselves find it difficult to take a walk on the weekends, go to the gym due to our busy schedules, or even jog on weekdays due to deadlines. However, skipping can be easily done at home within minutes – this means that you have no excuses. Once you wake up and say your prayers, you can skip for even five minutes before proceeding to the shower or anything you feel like doing.

5. You make progress easily

One thing that easily puts people off from walking, jogging or even cycling is that you literally need to go the extra mile for you to see the progress you’re looking for. With skipping, on the other hand, you can get more done by skipping more or, better still, changing the ropes for increased pressure. When you progress and get to do more or even use heavier ropes, you strengthen your body immensely.

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As a woman, you need to take care of yourself. Skipping helps you take care of your body without the need for too much time or space. So, whether you have room, time, and other workout equipment or not, this is one workout equipment that does wonders for your health. You literally get to burn a lot of unhealthy calories, which is healthy in so many ways. Until next time, workout and remain healthy.

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