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Lubricants and other habits that contribute to female infertility

There are many causes of female infertility, and they include biological factors such as damage to fallopian tubes, age, issues with the uterine, cervical condition and hormonal problems.

In addition to these, unhealthy lifestyle habits can also impair a woman’s ability to achieve pregnancy.

Whether you are looking for the fruit of the womb now or hoping to have a baby later in the future, it’s the things you do now that determine your outcome in the future. There are particular cases where women face difficulties with conception due to health complications, but lifestyle is a major determinant. Here are five lifestyle habits that lead to female infertility. Stopping these habits will immensely boost your chances of conception.

Using sperm-harming lubricants


A lot of couples find that they do not have any complications, and yet, they find it hard to conceive. This might be happening because of the type of lubricants we use. Some lubricants hurt sperm on the way into the uterus by crippling mobility making it almost impossible for them to swim properly. This makes it impossible for it to fertilize the eggs in the fallopian tube, and this makes conception very difficult. If, as a woman, you are finding it difficult to get wet during sex, consult your physician.



First of all, smoking adds no value to you whatsoever. Instead, it complicates your health, leaving you open to pancreatic cancer, colon cancer and infertility. When you smoke as a woman, it ages your ovarian follicles, taking you closer and closer to menopause, even when you are a lot younger. So, whenever you go to the club or a simple birthday party, and they tell you “shi sha” is completely harmless, dear sister, run for your life.

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Excess use of coffee


I get it; you’re a career woman looking to make a lot of money. You want to get a lot done, and there’s not enough time, and to top it all, your body fights you to get some sleep. What do you do? You turn to coffee for support to help meet that deadline. This only complicates your chances of conception. If you take up to five cups of coffee daily, you are at risk of infertility. What’s worse is that if you consume energy drinks, you’re taking a high amount of caffeine, which does your reproductive system no good. So, avoid coffee and energy drinks and save your reproductive system.

Excessive alcohol


If you love alcohol, then you are intentionally doing your reproductive system more harm than good. The occasional flurry is acceptable, but when it becomes an everyday thing, it does your body no good whatsoever. So, avoid the excessive use of alcohol to ensure that you do not compromise your body in any way.

Chronic stress and lack of sleep

Chronic stress

If you’re not sleeping enough, or you’re excessively stressing yourself and your body, it can lead to hormonal shifts that can impact your ovulation. The point is you need to find a way to manage your stress and get a good amount of sleep to increase your chances of conception. Managing your stress helps to put your hormones back in order making it possible for your body to conceive. No stress is too difficult to manage; you just need to find a way.

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Bottom line
If you have any lifestyle habits that are making it difficult for you to conceive, you need to stop them right away. Understanding where you stand is the first step but making changes is up to you. However, if you do stop any of these habits, you increase your chances of getting your bundle of joy. I wish you the best of luck.

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