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Medical doctor killed during sudden elevator plunge at Lagos General Hospital

A faulty elevator at the General Hospital, Odan, in Lagos State, has killed a medical doctor, Vwaere Diaso.

It was gathered that Diaso was severely injured when the elevator she entered on the 10th floor of the doctors’ quarters crashed to the ground on Monday night, August 1, leading to her death.

A source told Iya Magazine that Diaso graduated from Babcock University in 2021 and had just two weeks to complete her housemanship at the General Hospital.

According to report, she entered the elevator to go collect her food from a dispatch rider who was waiting for her downstairs. She was in the elevator when it reportedly crashed from the 10th floor to the ground.

Reports also had it that it took about an hour to rescue her from the broken lift and that she was rushed to the emergency ward where she passed away.

Iya Magazine learnt that workers at the hospital had been complaining about the malfunctioning elevator for years, but the authotity was said to have ignored the warnings.

The incident has generated reactions on the social media.

@Sports_Doctor2 posted: @Almost three-years ago on the 12th of January 2020, the Twitter handle @MedicalGuild complained about the poor state of the elevator in the 10-storey General Hospital building in Lagos, and as usual, nothing was done about it.

‘A General Hospital in a ‘Mega City’ like Lagos has a non-functional elevator and it was left like that and now it has taken a life, a life of a young doctor’

@Peco3D: ‘This is terrible. I keep wondering the thousands of Nigerians that will still be alive today if things were done right. Another soul lost’

@gammarays7: ‘This is terrible and unfortunate thing is that things like this will keep happening unless Nigerian citizens begin to hold their leaders at all levels accountable at all times, forcing them to provide quality leadership’

@michael_dibor: ‘The sad thing is that it is most likely to happen again because no one will be held accountable for this tragedy and that is so sad’

@Badmanse: The CMD should be fired, arrested and prosecuted for manslaughter’.

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