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Pastor raped me when I went for prayer to avert death -Student

A student, simply identified as Yemisi, has narrated how a pastor of a white-garment church in Ijeda-Ijesa in Oriade Local Government Area of Osun State, simply identified as Pastor Kayode, allegedly raped her when she went for prayer against a prophesy that she would die at the age of 25.

She said her parents took her to the church, located along Ijebu-Jesa road, for prayer against the prophecy.

She said, “I was in school last year, we students were holding a prayer meeting when a boy gave me a message that I should be prayerful. He said I might not spend up to 25 years if I didn’t pray fervently.

“I called my mother and informed her of what I heard. She took me to a pastor near our house to pray for me. The pastor prayed for me that day and he told us that during my next birthday, which comes up every January 4, I must not make any [phone] call that day.

“On the 4th of January, after cooking at home, I went to church to greet him. He told me he saw a vision where four people appeared before him and told him to assist me. He said I must have sexual intercourse with a man that midnight and I must not leave the church premises.

“He insisted that it must be that midnight. He said I should not worry that the spirit of the Lord will guide him. I told him I didn’t have anyone who could be helpful in that aspect. That was when he said he was the one the Lord directed to assist me and he would surely assist me.

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“He said if I did not agree to him helping me, something would happen to me and my future husband would be the one to bear the consequences.

“He also said once he was done that midnight, I would travel to my boyfriend’s place early in the morning and ensure he has sex with me, even if I’m going to force him. I told him I couldn’t do it. He warned me that if I told anybody, my life and that of my parents and boyfriend would be in danger. He said we have to do it as he said. I left him and went back inside the church crying,” she narrated.

The lady said the pastor convinced her parents that she should wait for the prayer, adding, “As soon as my parents left, he dragged me back inside and pinned my neck on his chair, pulled my leg up, and penetrated me.

“I was not feeling comfortable and I picked up my pants and told him I wanted to pick something outside. I got out and started running towards our house.

“I didn’t know how he got behind me. As soon as I noticed him, knowing that I was about to reach our house, I started shouting and my parents heard my voice and came out. I think he ran back after hearing me shout because I fell on the road and didn’t know what happened.

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“When my parents got to me, I explained what happened to them and they rushed me to Odufunke Memorial Hospital, Ijebu-Jesa. We are not members of his church, we only went there because of the message.

“The doctor checked my private part to ascertain my words and it was like they discovered his sperm on me. It was the hospital management that called the policemen,” she said.

The police spokesperson, Yemisi Opalola, confirmed that the suspect has been arrested.

She said: “He (the suspect) is being detained in Ijebu-Jesa. He will be transferred to Osogbo headquarters by Monday (today).”

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