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PHOTOS: I wasn’t impregnated by any man, says homeless woman who gave birth by roadside

A homeless woman, identified as Aminat Adekunle, was, on Friday, delivered of a baby girl by the roadside in the Arepo area of Ogun State.

Still smarting from the afterbirth pains and looking pale, she was discovered in a container littered with her belongings.

It was learnt that the 36-year-old woman went into labour at about midnight and gave birth without any form of assistance from anyone.

It was further gathered that Aminat went on to hide the unclothed baby in a container belonging to a logistics company located nearby.

When interviewed by officials of the Ogun State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development led by Elizabeth Onobajo, the indigent woman disclosed that this is not her first baby but that her experience while pregnant with the newborn was remarkably different from her “first pregnancy.”

Amina, who sometimes talked like someone who is mentally impaired, told her interviewers that though she had been having sex, she was convinced that the baby was not fathered by any man.

“I summoned the child into my stomach,” she said, probably foreclosing the possibility of helping her to locate the father of the newborn.

She disclosed that she relocated from Ibafo to Arepo, both of which are a few kilometers from each other in Ogun State, and that her family lives in Osun State but hadn’t seen them in a decade. She had been homeless for about eight months, she said.

Asked how she had the baby unassisted, she said she had trained as a nurse and had worked in the hospital at some point, though she had never been involved in taking delivery.

“I just used my nursing experience to take my own delivery,” she said.

See photos of Aminat and her newborn baby:

Amina and her baby being taken to a safehouse by officials of Ogun State Government
Aminat Adekunle and her baby
Aminat Adekunle’s newborn baby



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