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Please Help Aunti Lara

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I am a 26yrs old and a female. I’m the only girl in my polygamous family of two wives,where the male child is held at higher extreme .I always feel lonely, dejected and unwanted I have enough to eat and wear but I’m kinda stagnant I’m not making any progress .I always feel like I don’t belong to here(staying with my family)I tried to escape by getting a job but to no avail. I’m really shattered I don’t know what steps to take…I need someone to just encourage me.



I am sending you plenty hugs and light.

You are a very special child. A ‘Lilly in the midst of thorns’ kind of child.
Being an only female child is special.
See yourself  that  way and begin to change your perception about who you are.
Challenge yourself. Set targets for yourself and rise up to meet them.
Speak affirmative words to yourself.
 Look at yourself in the mirror and convince yourself that you are beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully created and you are very special.
Have you noticed that I did not address your family here?
It is deliberate.
You see, we do not have control over how people (family, friends and foes) treat us but we are in absolute control over how we react and how we see ourselves.
The way people treat us is who they are but the way we respond and allow such treatment affect us is who we are.
Look for happiness triggers and deploy them.
See you at the top.
Keep hope alive.
Problems are not built to last- we are!
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