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Rocking Ankara as corporate outfit

We all love our Ankara materials. As a matter of fact, Ankara is part of our heritage as African women. We love to rock our Ankara attire to work, mostly on Fridays; but the problem is that a lot of women look off on these days.

The idea is to look casual and corporate at the same time, but some of us seem off balance. We are either overdressed or under-dressed for work, and this presents a big problem for us.

Wearing Ankara to work does not mean you have to feel off. You simply know how to rock your Ankara with corporate wear.

We have different Ankara designs and prints, all of which are very affordable compared to other types of materials across the country. This means that you have a lot of materials to choose from. You just need to know how to rock your Ankara with corporate wear.

You can look great and colourful in your Ankara wear without killing off the corporate vibe. Here are some ways to rock your Ankara with your corporate wear.


Ankara blazer
If you love blazers, then you can use your Ankara material as a blazer on your corporate trousers. Using your Ankara as a blazer can be colourful and attractive; it can even earn you points for good looks.

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Ankara top

Ankara top
Another way to use your ankara with your corporate wear is to make a corporate ankara top. It does not have to be all Ankara. For example, you can use Ankara on your corporate white top to give it that colourful look. This way, you look like someone in native with a corporate touch.

Plain trousers with a touch of Ankara

Plain trousers with a touch of Ankara
Having your Ankara material sewn right in the middle of your corporate trouser is one way to add a classic Ankara outlook to your corporate style. It can be vertically or horizontally fitted on your corporate trouser (any colour) depending on your designer.

Ankara coloured collars and sleeves

Ankara coloured collars and sleeves
You can add a touch of colour and African essence to your corporate tops by adding Ankara materials to your collars and sleeves. It just looks so great to have your collars and sleeves look colorful without losing the corporate touch.

Ankara style kimono

Ankara style kimono
Another way to pair your corporate vibe with Ankara is to have your Ankara-styled kimono top paired with your corporate trouser, skirt, or jumpsuit.

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There is practically nothing you cannot do with Ankara. It is very versatile and attractive, and it can help you keep the corporate vibe even on the days when you wish to have the African touch. Think outside the box—as a matter of fact, break the box and look great all day long.

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