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Secret Style Tip for Working Class Ladies – Preparing Ahead

The corporate world is one heck of a tough ride especially for women in Nigeria. There is a lot to navigate from meeting deadlines, keeping up with the difficulties that come with the corporate world, managing the traffic in major parts of the country, picking up the kids (for those with children), managing the home; the list is endless.

This leaves a lot of women lacking in the fashion department which is not good for overall confidence. The way you look is a much more direct presentation of who you are. It is the first thing people notice about you which of course sets the pace for what you have to say.

But How Do You Get To Look Great Despite Your Busy Schedule?

If you have been found wanting when it comes to your looks, here are some of the best style tips you need to make a part of your routine so you can get that stunning look you have always wanted for a long time.

1. Ensure you have your hair planned for the week

Your hair is an essential part of your looks. It is one of the first things people see and if it does not look great, it can spoil all the other efforts you have put in place. As a woman in the corporate world, you need to take your hair seriously. Whether you are keeping natural hair, braids, or any style for that matter, you need to look yourself in the mirror the weekend before. If you would like something different, you can visit your stylist for a new hairstyle and if not, you need to have wigs which can last for the entire week.

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2. Think of clothes combinations

Another thing class working class ladies do is think of clothes they will like to wear and combine for the week. They think of clothes that can and cannot fit and they decide which ones are going to be useful for each day and they make up their minds. These clothes ought to have been washed, starched where necessary, properly ironed and placed (if you have a dry cleaner that can help with this, it can save you a lot of time) – if possible, tagged for each day.

3. Take your footwears and bags seriously

Another thing you cannot take for granted is your shoes and bags. Whether you are a lover of flats, heels, sandals, you also need to have them ready for the week. Do not mix things up in your head, instead have them sorted for each day and ensure they are properly cleaned. Also try to take the weather into consideration when making your choices.

When do you Prepare all of this?

After a hard week threading to and from the office, you need your weekend for a lot of other fun activities and you also need to rest as well. However, you can take some time in the morning and evening of your weekend. This way, you do not overwhelm yourself and you still get to prepare. You should also ensure that your clothes for the week are always dry-cleaned before the week starts. This way, you do not have to bother about rumpled or dirty clothes you need to wash.

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Final Note

Just as success is a thing of preparation, looking good also demands preparation as well. If you can plan your tasks for the day, you can likewise plan your looks. Mix things up, get the right matches and look dazzling as you have always wanted to be. With time, this can become a habit you will live to enjoy.

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