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Skincare tips for women with sensitive skin

By Folashade Ogunlade

If you have sensitive skin, then you know how annoying it is for you not to be able to get away with the things other women do. More than 60% of women have sensitive skin, and this skin sensitivity shows up in ways like dryness of skin, itchiness, and burning skin. Have you tried everything you can to stop this?
Well, there are different skincare routines you can try. They are easy to implement, and you can start using them today. Let’s take a look at them one after the other:

Use sunscreen protection

Raise your hands if you have been guilty of thinking that sunscreen skin protection is for white people or people who visit the beach. Well. If you have ever thought of it this way, understand that sunscreen is far more than that. Sunscreen are creams we put on to protect our skin when exposed to the sun. The UV rays from the sun damage your skin and a lot more damage for women with sensitive skins, leading to rashes, sunburns, and overall skin dryness. So, if you go out into the sun, many sunscreens can help protect your sensitive skin. Look for sunscreens with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for the best results.

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Use gentle moisturizers

If your skin is overly dry, you need to look for ways to soften and moisturize the skin. When searching for moisturizers, look for soft and lightweight ones to avoid negative skin reactions. When you visit the market, avoid products with ingredients like glycolic and lactic acid because they will irritate your skin.

Instead, look for skincare products with hydrating formulas like hyaluronic acid and ceramides, which help keep the skin properly hydrated. This helps prevent any form of irritation to your skin, leaving your skin looking fresh and soft.

Ensure your makeup is not causing more damage

The makeup we use can sometimes affect your skin negatively. This is because some of the ingredients in these products cause allergic skin reactions, and most of us do not even know that this is the reason for our skin problems. So, when you’re racking up your makeup kit, look for hypoallergenic makeup products before ever applying them to your face.

Avoid thick moisturizers

If you have acne prone skin, buying thick moisturizers does more damage than good to your skin. This happens because these thick moisturizers clog your skin pores, increasing the tendency for more skin breakouts. Ensure that you use gentle skin products which will hydrate your skin without any adverse reactions.

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Bottom Line
Many of us women have sensitive skin, and we just give up on the possibility of a natural look. If you have sensitive skin, use these simple tips to get your skin looking fresh all the time.

These tips are easy to apply and inexpensive, with great results you’ll enjoy for a long time.

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