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There are many of my records to break, Liberian president tells Osimhen

President of the Republic of Liberia and retired footballer George Manneh Weah, has sent a congratulatory message to Napoli striker Victor Osimhen.

The message, sent via his verified Facebook platform, reads:

My heartfelt congratulations to you, Victor Osimhen! I am very glad that you have accomplished a major milestone in your football career, after scoring your 47th goal in the Italian Serie A league.

The records show that with this goal, which you netted on Sunday, May 7, 2023 when your team Napoli went against Fiorentina, effectively makes you the African with the highest scoring record in the Italian Serie A league – surpassing my own account of 46 goals.

I am so proud of your exploits and congratulate you on this remarkable achievement which is a result of your hard work, dedication and tenacity.

I am also pleased with your kind words of honor in tribute to me upon reaching such a giant milestone.

However, I want to admonish you not to be contented. There are many more of my records for you to break. I wish you go on to achieve greater success.

I watched your goal against Udinese when your 52nd -minute header won the Scudetto for Napoli. Your movement, your passion, your determination and hunger brought back many memories to me.

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I wait for your 100th Goal in all competitions in Italy so that you can celebrate (but don’t remove your shirt like I did or you will get a Yellow Card).

You have won one Scudetto. Great! When I won my first Scudetto with Milan, I said to myself, why one, why not two? I went on to win another Scudetto with Milan. I went on to win the Ballon D’or. So, why not two or more for you, Victor?

The sky is your limit. With your dedication, commitment, humility, hard work, you can conquer the World. Africa needs another World Best. Africa needs another European Best. You Victor, can deliver that for us.

The records that I set were meant not as a challenge, but as a motivation to you and other African players. We have the best of talents. You have to remain humble, tenacious and focused. Don’t be distracted.

There are many great African players in European leagues. They are already up against the hurdles of playing against many odds in leagues and stadiums so far away from home, which present challenges for them; so, to beat the odds and climb to the top is worth our commendation.

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May you continue to surge forward. My prayers are with you. My blessings are also with you. I am rooting for you, Victor!

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