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Tips for grooming healthy, strong nails

Manicure sessions alone won’t make all your nail issues go away! Achieving the nails of your dreams would take regular, deliberate efforts of care and attention.

When done, the result is a properly tended and groomed nails that you can proudly show off wherever you find yourself. And, no, you don’t necessarily have to spend much money or time to make this happen.

You can greatly improve your nail health by consistently practising a few basic habits that would help you achieve those dream nails in little or no time at all.

We’ll be touching on seven important tips you can try that’ll propel you toward achieving those sexy, sleek, smooth and strong nails you so dream of. Are you ready?

Keep your nails clean and dry always

Good nails

The first major step for grooming healthy nails is keeping them clean and dry. Germs and bacteria breed and thrive in moist and dirty environments, so it is important to always ensure that all doorways are shut against them.

While you must find time now and then to clean your nails, always make sure you dry them out after doing so. This would also stop then from attracting and storing dirt.

Cleaning routine for your nails could be as simple as applying some salt on a used toothbrush and using it to scrub them gently. Ensure to extend the exercise to the cuticles, too.

Trim your nails regularly

Just like you do with your hair to get rid of split ends, trimming your nails regularly would also do a whole lot of good. A stitch in time saves nine, says the adage. So, always ensure to trim out the cracks, splits, and broken parts of your nails as quickly as you can.

Apart from the fact that this would help salvage the remaining part, it could also help save you from serious nail injuries that might open you up to infections.

Part of your nail cleaning routine should include the part where you get a nail cutter and trim your nails into any shape of your choice. This could be weekly or twice a week, depending on how quickly your nails grow.

File them smooth

Your nail-cutting session is never complete without proper filing. This is because, while cutting nails, you expose the edges to little chips and cracks which, if not smoothened out immediately, could compromise the aesthetic integrity of your nails. A neglected tiny chip could have you losing a much larger chunk of your nails later.

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While filing, make sure to do it slowly and gently in one direction. This would help keep your nails from getting weak, cracking, and breaking at the top. File from one end to the center of your nail, and then repeat the same process from the opposite end to the center. This would help you achieve a smooth tip and a clean finish.

Protect your nails

Keeping nails in soapy waters or other chemical liquid substances for long hours would weaken even the strongest of nails. The longer you expose your nails to water, the more you open them up to cracks and tears.

Investing in rubber gloves would be quite expedient to your goal of achieving healthy nails. This would help serve as a protective cover for them whenever you have your hands in water.

Stop nail biting!

Nail biting

Your nails are not food, keep them out of your mouth! If a long, sleek, healthy nail is what you desire, then biting and chewing them won’t get you anywhere near that goal. It would only have your nails looking raggedy, battered and pathetic.

Apart from making your nails look ugly and terrible, you also open up your nails to all manner of infections when you bite open the skin that serves as the protective layers around them.

You also leave your entire health susceptible when taking in germs through your mouth from your nails.

If you are an onychophagist – a term used to describe people who compulsively bite and chew their nails – then you need to make deliberate efforts to stop, as it would hinder your nail health.

Keep them as natural as possible

While it is okay to wanna play around with colors or go full ‘creator mode’ with your nails once in a while, it is to important keep them natural as much as you can.

According to a dermatologist, Dr. Ava Shamban, it is very important to take a break before going from one strong nail color to another. This would help keep the nails from drying out, turning yellow, and weakening.

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Give your nails some days off to breathe and recover. As much as you can, steer clear of acrylic and gel manicures, as they can open you up to infections or even increase your chances of getting skin cancer from the UV rays.

Eat healthy

Foods for healthy skin hair nails
Foods for healthy skin, hair and nails

According to the founder and CEO of PROSE Nail Boutiques,Dave Crisalli, nutrition is a key factor in maintaining good nail health.

“The appearance of the natural nail is an indicator of your overall health and can be affected by your eating and drinking habits,” Crisalli warned.

For better, improved nail health, much food rich in protein and calcium should be added to your diet. Lots of meats and eggs, nuts and leafy greens would do your nails a lot of good.

Throw in fruits like carrots, pumpkins, and potatoes for Vitamin A, which would keep your nails shiny; and a lot of water for hydration, and you’re well on your way to achieving your nail goals.


Achieving a goal of long, sleek, healthy nails is very much possible. You only need to be ready to put in the required effort. Good luck and hope you NAIL it!

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