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Loretta Aniagolu: Collaboration for better healthcare delivery

Chief Executive Officer of FIT Consulting Group, Loretta Aniagolu, says she’s spearheading a collaboration with the Turkish Hekim Group to put an end to medical tourism in Nigeria, reports JOKE KUJENYA

Decades of expertise on storied career
Earning an MBA in the United States of America, and subsequently serving as an economic adviser to Enugu State government before founding the FIT Consulting Group, Loretta Aniagolu delves into the challenges and triumphs of partnering with Lokman Hekim Group, including their strategic plan to establish a world-class medical city in Enugu, Nigeria, and end the era of medical tourism in the country.

Life beyond business
Delving into her upbringing in Enugu State, Loretta Aniagolu reflects on her educational journey, from Santa Maria Primary School to the University of Hartford, Connecticut; and shares insights into her ability to balance family life with a demanding career.

Beyond real estate
Exploring the unique approach to FIT Group as a real estate developer, Aniagolu discusses the integration of purpose-built infrastructure with expert-led business emphasizing the role of collaboration in accelerating development.

Future of healthcare
Loretta Aniagolu sheds light on the specific medical areas the collaboration aims to address emphasizing the focus on seamless healthcare services for Nigerians. She shares the projected impact of the medical tourism initiative set to launch in 2027.

Transforming entrepreneurship
With a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Nigeria and an MBA in Finance and International Business, she possesses a wealth of knowledge accumulated over 30 years in banking, development finance and project management. Her extensive experiences span both the US and West Africa. Notably, she spearheads an innovative entrepreneurship development programme in Nigeria.

This initiative yielded a comprehensive impact, contributing to infrastructure development, rural progress, job generation, entrepreneurship advancement, adult literacy education and skills acquisition. The success of the project garnered funding from prestigious organizations such as the World Bank and UNDP, making her a visionary leader.

A holistic approach
In addition to the groundbreaking healthcare initiative, Loretta Aniagolu, discusses FIT Group’s ventures into hospitality, including an upcoming Hilton hotel, Lokman Hemik Hospital, and plans for an integrated medical tourism district complete with educational facilities.

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