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Pregnant woman cries for help amidst abusive marriage

A 25-year-old pregnant woman has recounted her alleged ordeal, enduring physical and emotional abuse in her marriage.

Married to Ejimofor [surname withheld] since 2020, her story, if confirmed, sheds light on a deeply troubling situation that has left her battered and desperate for assistance.

The victim (name withheld) revealed that her once-hopeful marital journey quickly turned into a nightmare as her husband’s behavior allegedly grew increasingly violent.

Despite only being married for a short period of time, the young woman shared that her husband consistently found fault in her actions, allegedly subjecting her to severe beatings over minor disagreements.

According to her account, the abuse began to escalate when her husband started staying out late at night. Expressing her concerns about his changed behaviour led to even more severe beatings, painting a grim picture of her daily life.

Painfully, the abuse didn’t stop at physical violence as basic necessities like money for food became yet another trigger for abuse, with her pleas for assistance allegedly met with further aggression.

The situation, according to her, became worse when they started having children, as her husband allegedly continued his violent behaviour even in front of the children, disregarding their safety and emotional well-being.

The most recent incident, which took place on August 24th, saw a particularly disturbing turn of events. The couple had planned to move into a new apartment that day, with an agreement in place for her husband to provide support due to her advanced pregnancy. He however abandoned her.

Narrating further, she said when he returned at about 9pm, reeking of alcohol, she expressed concern about his excessive alcohol consumption and the negative influence of his new friends, a conversation that quickly escalated into violence.

She alleged that he hit her in the presence of the children and they started crying.

“He said he will kill me and go scot-free because I don’t have anybody to fight for me or challenge him.

“I am an orphan and don’t have a family. Please, help me, I am tired of being beaten,” she cried.

Despite the grim circumstances, the victim summoned the courage to report the abuse to the authorities.

The case has been registered at the Makinde Police Division, Oshodi, Lagos State, and authorities are actively investigating the matter.

Christiana Alabi-Akande
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