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Rabies-infected bat found in Michigan

A bat with rabies has been found in a small Michigan county, prompting local health authorities to remind residents about the dangers of the creatures and animal bites in general.

It is the start of spring in the United States of America and bats are known to be around at such a time of the year.

Washtenaw County, which has a population of over 300,000, had been “enjoying a longer stretch” with no rabies-positive animals until Monday, the day they confirmed there was a bat with rabies in their midst.

The last time a bat with rabies was seen in the region was in 2022, reports say.

“But it’s not unusual for us to see some rabid bats in the county every year,” Ailen Velazquez, county health department epidemiology coordinator said in a news alert. “We often see more bat encounters in the summer and fall months, so we want to remind everyone to contact us if you find a bat in your home.”

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Michigan residents aren’t the only ones at risk, rabies is “more likely to be transmitted to humans and pets during the spring and summer due to an increase in outdoor activities,” USA TODAY reported.

The viral disease affects all mammals, making it extremely deadly to those who contract it and don’t seek proper medical care.

Here’s what to know about rabies as we begin to move towards the warmer months, including what symptoms to watch out for.


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