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Relations invade school, beat teacher severely for disciplining pupil

Three brothers of a JSS 1 student at Silver Bird International School, Agip, Port Harcourt, allegedly accosted and physically assaulted a female teacher who had reportedly disciplined their brother.

According to reports, after whipping Ms Sonia Amadi, the English teacher, the family members stormed the school compound and locked up the administrative office.

Joy Ajayi, the Admin Officer, recounted the incident, stating that three boys barged into her office, locked the door, and threatened to “teach her a lesson” for flogging their brother.

“One of the boys threatened to stab me with scissors. When other teachers tried to intervene, the family members refused to open the office door.

“A parent was inside with me when the incident occurred. The parent had to beg the boys to calm down, but they remained there for over 15 to 20 minutes. They kept threatening to flog me and didn’t let the teachers inside.”

According to Ajayi, the mother of the boys had slapped Sonia, the English teacher, when she arrived at the school, while her sons whipped her mercilessly.

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After the incident, the school management lodged a formal complaint at the Ada George Police Division, and the assaulted teacher was issued a medical form to seek treatment for her injuries.

Reacting to the news, Prince Wiro, the National Coordinator of the Centre for Basic Rights Protection and Accountability Campaign, condemned the alleged assault on the teacher and the invasion of the school by the student’s family.

Wiro emphasized that the parents should have reported the matter to the Ministry of Education or the Police if they felt their child was treated inappropriately, rather than taking the law into their own hands.

He called on the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation and ensure that anyone found culpable faces the law.

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