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South Korea holds concert for K-Pop enthusiasts in Abuja

Korea cultural Center in Nigeria (KCCN), in collaboration with Jumparewa Creative, organised K-Pop Hurray concert for young talented Nigerians and lovers of music in Nigeria.

Mr. Isaac Ajiga, Creative Director, Jumparewa Creative, said the event aimed at preserving and strengthening K-pop community through networking and engagement on Saturday in Abuja.

The K-pop is known as Korea popular music, which comes in form of popular music originating in South Korea as part of South Korean culture.

Ajiga, also known as Isaac Jiga, said the event that featured the K-pop community, such as K-pop enthusiasts, past k-pop competition winners, finalist vocal students, and top academy performers in Nigeria, embodied on creativity, passion, and diversity.

The renowned dancer said the concert, which showcased K-pop dance and music lovers of various K-Pop artists (idols),was designed to strengthen the community through networking.

“It is a honor to stand before you today, as we delve into a topic of K-pop culture and it’s global influence, that has captured hearts and minds around the world.

“K-pop is a vibrant and multifaceted phenomenon that has transcended borders, languages, and generations to become a global sensation.

“K-pop is more than just a music genre; it is a cultural movement that embodies creativity, passion, and diversity, rooted in South Korea’s rich history and modern dynamism,” he said.

According to him, K-pop had been able to seamlessly blend traditional elements with contemporary trends, creating a unique sound and style that resonates with audiences far and wide.

“What makes K-pop so compelling is its ability to connect with people on a personal level. The artists through their captivating performances, striking visuals, and heartfelt lyrics, invites us into their world by touching our lives with their authenticity and talent.

“This connection has fostered a sense of community among fans, known as the ‘K-pop fandom’, who are united by their love for the music and the shared experiences it brings,” he added.

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The creative director further said that the global impact of K-pop extended beyond entertainment, due to the significant roles its played in promoting South Korea’s image on the world stage, as well as showcasing its culture, fashion and language.

According to him, K-pop made people around the globe to discovered and embraced Korean culture entirely, starting from its cuisine, drama, history and values.

“K-pop’s influence has opened doors for cultural exchange and collaboration. Artists from different countries and genres are now working together, pushing creative boundaries and fostering mutual respect and understanding.

As we celebrate the rise of K-pop, let us remember its roots and the hard work of countless artists, producers, and industry professionals, who have made this movement possible.

“Let us also recognise the impact of the fans, whose dedication and support have helped shape K-pop into the global force it is today.

“K-pop’s global influence is a testament to the power of music and culture to bring people together, transcend differences, and inspire change.

“As we look to the future, may K-pop continue to thrive and bridge gaps between cultures, enriching our world with its boundless energy and creativity,” he said.
Also speaking, Ms Jennifer Ezeonyeasi, KCCN Culture and Event Administrative Assistant, said this maiden edition of K-pop hurray concert was in commemoration of the ‘ World Dance Day’ celebrate every April 29.

Ezeonyeasi said that the event was designed to bring K-pop community in Nigeria together, as well as winners of K-pop and those that had gone to Korea for K-pop.

“Ajiga, creative director of Jumparewa creative was former winner of KCCN K-pop festival with his outstanding performance.

“Basically , we invited the winners and finalists of K-pop in 2012, 2015, 2023 among others, like the Tsod dancers that had won n Nigeria and Korea.

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“This will help in strengthening and building a K-pop network among community in Nigeria, as well as facilitating collaboration because Korea pop music is large in Korea,” she said.

She added that Nigeria music industry is also big, as well as their dancing formular. Nigerians going to to Korea for K-pop or dance would foster and create more partnership between the two countries.

The administrative assistant said the event was impactful in the sense that it had created room for networking among dancers to share their ideas.

“It has also help in notifying dancers, who want to improve in their dancing skills and learn from a Korea choreographer, commencement of K-pop class academy session in 27th May”.

NAN reports that the highpoint of the event was performance of K-pop finalists and winners such as ‘The Alpha Tribe’, ‘The Spectral’, ‘The Tsod’,’The Rich Company” The kingsmen’, ‘ The Jumphaz’, ‘Elevatorzng’ and Jumparewa dancers.

Miss Amudipe Oluwalawami popularly known as Teywa, emerged winner at the end of the dance challenge.( NAN)

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