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Alex, Ike hold private chat under duvet after pool party brouhaha

A heated argument between Big Brother Naija All Stars housemates Ike and Alex Unusual disrupted a fun pool party.

The housemates were having a pool party in the garden after the arena activities.

The party was going well, with housemates having a good time in the water and the festive mood.

However, the mood changed when the camera showed Alex and Ike having a furious argument in the pool.

The argument left other housemates confused and worried about what caused the sudden clash between the two.

Alex explained that the argument started when Ike pushed her into the pool forcefully, making her struggle to stay afloat.

Alex said that her outfit had a wardrobe malfunction because of the push, which made her angry and aggressive.

After the pool party, things seemed to calm down as Alex and Ike were seen having a private chat under the duvet, trying to sort out their issues and reach a common ground.

The details of their conversation are unknown.

Efosa Ayobahan
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