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Amazing gele and makeup styles for trendy women

In the vibrant realm of African fashion, the gele – a traditional Nigerian headwrap – reigns supreme.

Accompanied by the transforming power of makeup, the gele elevates every look to a new level of elegance.

Now, let’s explore the top 10 gele and makeup styles for the modern woman, styles that harmoniously blend tradition and contemporary trends.

Classic gele & neutral makeup: Nothing beats the timeless appeal of a classic gele, perfectly tied in a tall and elegant fashion. Pair it with a neutral makeup palette – think soft browns, nudes, and a dash of mascara – and you’ve got yourself an effortlessly graceful look.

Avant-garde gele & bold lips

Avant-garde gele & bold lips: For those looking to make a statement, why not opt for an avant-garde gele style with artistic twists and turns? Balance this eye-catching headwrap with a bold lipstick in a vibrant red or a deep plum for a stunning contrast.

Auto-gele & smoky eyes

Auto-gele & smoky eyes: The auto-gele, a pre-tied, ready-to-wear headwrap, is a game-changer for those rushed mornings. Match it with smoky eyes in a traditional black or a modern bronze to elevate the entire look.

Rose gele & dewy makeup
Rose gele & dewy makeup

Rose gele & dewy makeup: The rose gele, shaped like a blooming flower, is an enchanting style that pairs beautifully with dewy, glow-from-within makeup. Add a touch of highlighter on the cheekbones, nose, and cupid’s bow to catch the light.

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V-gele & contoured face

V-gele & contoured face: The V-gele, known for its distinctive V-shaped crease, is a statement in itself. Complement this headwrap with a well-contoured face that accentuates your natural bone structure.

Double-gele & colorful eyeshadow

Double-gele & colorful eyeshadow: The double-gele style, layered with two complementary fabrics, creates a striking look. This pairs fabulously with a playful, colorful eyeshadow that picks up one of the colors in your gele.

Side-twisted gele & glossy lips

Side-twisted gele & glossy lips: The side-twisted gele is a trendy, off-beat style. Combine this with glossy lips in a flattering shade to create a look that’s both modern and sophisticated.

Turban-style gele & winged eyeliner
Turban-style gele & winged eyeliner

Turban-style gele & winged eyeliner: The turban-style gele, smooth and chic, is the perfect partner for a sharp winged eyeliner. It’s a look that spells “modern royalty” like no other.

Gele with beaded accessories & metallic eyeshadow
Gele with beaded accessories & metallic eyeshadow

Gele with beaded accessories & metallic eyeshadow: Geles adorned with beaded accessories make for an opulent style. Enhance this regal look with metallic eyeshadow in gold, silver, or bronze.

Pleated gele & full brows

Pleated gele & full brows: The pleated gele, with its intricate folds, is a masterpiece. Accompany this with full, well-defined brows for a look that’s utterly captivating.

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Remember, when it comes to gele and makeup styles, the key is balance and harmony.

Pair a dramatic gele with subtle makeup or a simpler headwrap with bold makeup.

Most importantly, wear it with confidence and let your inner beauty shine.

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