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BBN VIDEO: Venita gives it to Pere in coarse language!

The All-Stars Big Brother Naija reality show took another twist on Thursday [today] as three major housemates who appear to be well loved by fans had a go at each other while trying to put things in place in readiness for a film presentation.

The clash broke out when Pere, who already built a reputation for himself as a bully, appeared to have spoken to his fellow housemates in a commanding manner which did not go down well with others.

Adekunle and Venita, who both seem to be the latest couple in the house, appeared to have been most slighted by Pere’s condescending behavior as they both can be seen bringing the heat to Pere in videos circulating in the media spaces.

Adekunle, who cuts across as a calm character, displayed a darker side to himself as he can be seen flayling his arms in the air in the midst of a heated argument with Pere who kept ordering him to “sit da f**k down!”

Venita, on the other hand, was stood upstairs, spitting fire and brimstone. In her tirade, she accused Pere of being a vile being who loves to prey on females in the shower by sneaking up on them while bathing.

“…standing naked, behind people in the f**king shower, f***ing predatorial cu*t, foolish cu*nt, disgusting, negative pig. Rubbish…” Venita rants away.

Fans of the reality show appear to be divided with the latest development in the house, while a faction seems to be really enjoying the bad blood, others are concerned about the toxicity in the house leading to full blown violence.

Click to see video. Warning: SENSITIVE LANGUAGE.

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