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Drink water, not herbs, physician urges

A Medical Doctor known as First Doctor @FirstDoctor on X (formerly Twitter) has emphasized the importance of hydration, advocating a simple but profound mantra: ‘Drink water, not herbs’.

The medical expert encouraged individuals to prioritize water consumption over herbal remedies.

He also offers tailored advice for specific health conditions, making the connection between dietary choices and overall well-being.

Age-old herbal preparations

The doctor underscores the significance of mindful eating with practical recommendations:

For individuals with high blood pressure, the doctor’s advice is straightforward – avoid sugars.

Those grappling with asthma are advised to steer clear of rug carpets, strong perfumes and smoke, among others, recognizing the potential triggers in the home environment.

Herbal drinks

Acknowledging the challenges faced by those with sickle cell disease, the doctor recommends increased water intake to support overall health.

Individuals with Hepatitis B or C are advised to undergo a liver scan every six months, underlining the proactive approach to liver health.

Those dealing with peptic ulcers are encouraged to say NO to caffeine, fries, and spicy foods for optimal stomach health.

The doctor extends the dietary wisdom beyond cautionary advice, offering specific food recommendations for targeted health benefits:

  • For good eyes, carrots are recommended.
  • Lemon is suggested for maintaining healthy skin.
  • Cabbage is highlighted for promoting a healthy gut.
  • Tomatoes are recommended for prostate health.
  • Avocado is praised for supporting a healthy heart.
  • For good kidney, drink water
  • For cough, eat pineapple; and banana for stress
  • For hydration, eat cucumber; eggs for strong bones and immunity
  • Eat coconut for diarrhoea; and watermelon for good erection.
Naturally flavoured water

Furthermore, the doctor urges individuals to consume fruits and vegetables in season, emphasizing their cost-effectiveness compared to out-of-season alternatives.

Also, as harmattan approaches, the expert has stressed the need for individuals to drink more water to stay hydrated; use moisturizers to keep your skin well hydrated; apply lip gloss or lip balm to soothe your lips and avoid cracks.

“Avoid going outdoors unnecessarily. If you must be out and the sun is too hot, use an umbrella.

If it is very cold in the mornings, wear your sweaters and socks to stay warm.

If you have asthma or other allergies, remember to avoid common triggers such as dust, hay, smoke, etc.

Also. Use a face mask if necessary, especially when traveling; and always take your inhaler with you in case you are stuck in a dusty road,” he advised.

In addition to dietary advice, the doctor sheds light on the health benefits of listening to music, promoting its positive impact on memory, pain management, anxiety reduction, learning, and exercise performance.

The health expert described music as a health asset that you should not undermine.

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