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I didn’t know it was N120m prize -BBN evictee Princess

A recently evicted housemate from the ongoing Big Brother Naija (All Stars Edition), Princess Onyejekwe, says she did not expect to be evicted from the show as quickly as she was.

On how she felt coming out of the house and realising that if not for the eviction jury, she would still be in the house as she was not the housemate with the least votes, she said, “I still feel bad. But, there is nothing I can do about it. I just have to move on, and focus on my businesses.”

Asked if she had any unresolved issues with the members of the jury— Mike Edwards, Bisola Aiyeola and Dorathy Bachor— who are also past contestants on different editions of the show, she said, “I don’t think I have any personal ‘beef’ with any member of the eviction jury. I might not be familiar with them, but I did not think familiarity was a criterion in Biggie’s house.

N120m is quite an incentive, though I only knew about the prize money when we got into the house

“I also did not know that I would be judged by a jury. If I had known about them, perhaps, I would have been better prepared mentally. When my name was called, I knew I could not have had the least number of votes, and that is true.”

She also stated that she did not see her eviction coming at the time it did. She said, “I did not see it coming. I still do not believe I should be out of the house yet. I felt I was the only one being real in the house, but it seems people did not realise that. In one’s everyday life, one doesn’t get to stir up drama for no reason.”

On what’s next for her, she said, “I will go back to what I was doing before. I am a serial entrepreneur, and I will focus on my businesses. I am also open to collaborations.”

She also stated that contrary to what some people felt, she was not boring in the house. She said, “I believe I gave the fans what they wanted to see. I also had many fun and happy moments. I had meaningful conversations as well. A lot of fans liked me, and they voted for me. After all, I did not have the lowest votes.

Speaking on what her strategy had been, she said, “N120m is quite an incentive, though I only knew about the prize money when we got into the house. However, one can make that money in many different ways (without winning the show). As for me, I chose to look at the bigger picture.”

Reacting to a statement by one of the housemates, Cross, that female contestants on the show always had it better because they often met men who spent money on them, Princess said, “I am not sure he was entirely right, because the females actually work hard.

“However, it seems more brands are more inclined towards working with females as ambassadors and other engagements. In that case, it’s only natural the women get more work opportunities than the men.”

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