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Maths is one of the easiest subjects, says 15-year-old multiple-award-winning student

In the realm of mathematics, a prodigy from Gombe, Nigeria, has been garnering attention with her exceptional talents.

Fifteen-year-old Fatima Adamu Maikusa, a rising star in the world of numbers, has secured an impressive collection of seven international medals in mathematics.

Recently celebrated by the Mathematics Professionals Facebook page for her remarkable achievements, they hailed her as a “rising mathematical professional.”

In an interview with the Daily Trust, Fatima proudly revealed that she is a distinguished student at the prestigious Nigerian Tulip International School (NTIC) in Kano. She said she started receiving her awards at the tender age of nine, and her list of accolades include the following:

1. American Mathematics Competition (AMC 08)
2. International Eduversal Mathematics Competition, Jakarta, Indonesia
3. International Math Challenge, Bangkok, Thailand
4. Kangourou Sans Frontiers (KSF) mathematics competitions
5. Future Intelligence Students Olympiad (FISO)
6. Mathematics without borders, Bulgaria
7. Komodo Math Festival, Indonesia

Reflecting on her early days in primary school, Fatima fondly recalled her fascination with mathematics. She described it as one of the easiest subjects and revealed how the joy of solving mathematical problems fueled her passion for the discipline.

She expressed her belief that the perception of difficulty in mathematics arises when individuals don’t fully understand the underlying concepts. For her, the subject came naturally, making it feel more accessible. She empathised with those who find math challenging, acknowledging that they might not have experienced its enjoyable aspects.

Remarkably, Fatima stated that she achieved her extraordinary feats without any additional tutoring at home. Her love for the subject and relentless practise have been self-driven since her primary school days.

When asked about her experience in international competitions, Fatima spoke with enthusiasm, describing her journey as exhilarating despite the challenges she faced. While some competitions were tough, her unwavering determination and passion enabled her to overcome obstacles and emerge victorious.

Although she had a sense of success, Fatima admitted that winning all seven medals came as a delightful surprise. The recognition filled her with immense pride. Fatima attributes her unwavering motivation to her parents, teachers, and successful individuals who have made significant strides in their respective fields.

Their dedication and achievements serve as constant inspiration for her to strive for excellence. In her pursuit of mathematical prowess, she acknowledged the pivotal role played by participating in Olympiads and mathematics camps in refining her abilities.

Beyond mathematics, Fatima harbours a profound love for computer programming, finding it enthralling. Her aspirations include breaking records, contributing through inventions, and addressing critical global issues like the depletion of the ozone layer and global warming to improve human lives.

Recognised as a role model for young girls everywhere, Fatima’s remarkable achievements in mathematics have become a source of inspiration for many, particularly aspiring mathematicians. Her passion and dedication have propelled her this far, and we extend our best wishes for her future endeavours.

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