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Mothers lament high cost of diapers

Nursing mothers have decried the increasing cost of different brands of diapers, describing the astronomical hike as insensitive and unacceptable.

Some of the mothers, who spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Sunday, said the increase had forced them to consider patronising diaper alternatives.

Mrs. Suzzy Yusuf, a civil servant, said that although the quality of most of the diapers dropped, their prices skyrocketed.

Yusuf also alleged that most women now sun-dry disposable diapers to meet up with the demand, adding that the prices were discouraging.

”When I gave birth to my first child in 2021, as soon as I receive my salary, I bought the biggest size of diaper numbering about 81 pieces for between N4,800 and N5, 000 depending on the brand.

”Now, that size goes for between N9,800 and N10,000 depending on the brand and the place of purchase.

”This is frustrating because my salary has not increased but the prices of things are going higher and higher.

”Imagine that I am working and feeling this way, what about nursing mothers that are not working.

”Honestly, the situation we have found ourselves today is terrible,” she said.

Mrs Aisha Abubakar, a nursing mother and house wife, said the price increase forced her to buy non-disposable diaper for her son.

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Abubakar said that although the non-disposable diaper was causing rashes for her toddler, she would continue the usage to cut cost.

”The price of diapers now is too much. We rely on my husband for everything because I stopped my small kunu business because I just gave birth .

”It has not been easy for him because his little salary is not even enough for feeding not to talk of other expenses at home.

”I decided to help myself and help him so that there will be peace at home.

”When my friend talked about the non-disposable diaper, I went to the market and bought two.

”Although the diaper is not giving me the result I want because it gives my baby rashes in his private region due to intense heat but I have to manage it,” she said.

Another nursing mother, Mrs Ijeoma Aloysius, who said she had resorted to using napkins as alternative to diaper, lamented that it was difficult to wash.

Aloysius said that although using napkins were cheaper, it required a lot of processes to make it hygienically fit.

”The times and season we are now is not where someone will just be giving birth without control.

”Every family should endeavour to plan child bearing according to the number that their resources can train.

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”People should not depend on others to train their children,” she said.

NAN reports that the smallest size of diaper comprising about eight pieces, formally sold between N600 and N700 is now being sold for between N1 000 and N1, 200.

The economy pack which comprised about 31 to 45 pieces formally sold for between N3, 000 and N4, 000 is now being sold for between N6, 000 and N6,800.

The jumbo pack formally sold between N6, 000 and N6, 500 depending on the brand now goes for between N9, 800 and N11,000 depending on the brand. (NAN)

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