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Motunrayo: Balancing engineering studies with modelling career

Meet Motunrayo Grace Ahmed, a remarkable young lady who has skillfully intertwined the worlds of Mechanical Engineering and modelling to create a unique and impactful path.

Her story is a testament to the possibilities that arise when creativity and technical prowess converge to solve problems in innovative ways.

Twenty-year-old Motunrayo is currently an HND 1 student of Mechanical Engineering at Yaba College of Technology (YABA Tech), and balancing the rigors of studies with a burgeoning modelling career. Her exceptional time management skills set a remarkable example for students everywhere.

Combining the intricacies of mechanical engineering studies with a modelling career is no small feat, especially for someone still in school. Her story is a testament to the potential of blending diverse passions and excelling in both pursuits.

Motunrayo who recognizes the unique synergy between engineering and modelling, stressed that her meticulous approach to Engineering aligns with the precision needed in Modelling, while the creative thinking cultivated through Modelling inspires innovative Engineering solutions.

Motunrayo Ahmed

Through her academic journey in Engineering, she admitted that she has developed essential problem-solving skills, resilience, and a strong work ethic.

These qualities according to her, have significantly contributed to her personal growth and development, serving as assets in both her academic and modelling pursuits.

Thriving in a male-dominated field, the Engineer said that overcoming gender-related challenges has not been easy but she draws strength from her friends and family, enabling her to overcome the hurdles along the way.

As she treads the modelling runway, Motunrayo also encounters misconceptions about her dedication to Engineering studies. However, she approaches these challenges with professionalism and unwavering commitment, dispelling any doubts about her dedication.

Sharing how she overcame challenging project or concept in her Mechanical Engineering studies, she submitted that tackling complex engineering projects might involve breaking them into manageable steps, seeking guidance from Professors or peers, and persistent effort to overcome hurdles.

“So my experience in challenging projects has not really gotten to me because I do a lot of research and seek advice, more knowledge from my lecturers. My approach to learning also extends to seeking knowledge from roadside mechanics because I also go under vehicles to do repairs.

Motunrayo Ahmed

“My academic journey in Engineering has instilled in me a structured approach to problem-solving, which has contributed to my self-confidence in various endeavours, including modelling. As a matter of fact, modelling communication and presentation skills has helped in enhancing my capabilities as an Engineer. It has really upgraded my standard and carriage including my relations with people.”

Considering her interest in both pursuits, Motunrayo, in the next 5-10years envisions herself at the intersection of Engineering and Modelling.

Her aspiration is to lead innovative projects that seamlessly weave both skill sets. With unwavering faith in God’s guidance, she aims to inspire young/upcoming Engineers and models alike.

“My unique skill set can contribute to sustainable designs, innovative problem-solving, and inspiring others to pursue unconventional paths, creating a positive impact,” she said.

The young trailblazer advised her fellow students and aspiring models to put God first in everything they do, stay dedicated, seek mentorship, be open to learning and believe in the value of their unique combination of skills.

She reiterated that her diverse skill sets can bring fresh perspectives, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and holistic problem-solving, benefiting industries by fostering innovation and adaptability.

“My journey reflects the power of multidimensional skills, showing that embracing diverse passions can lead to unique opportunities and impactful contributions across various fields,” Motunrayo echoed.

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