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What men who want women with huge boobs must know!

Whether small, large, heavy, perky, big nipples or small, no one should ridicule any woman’s breast size for any reason whatsoever!

For many women, the grass looks greener on the other side and some women might wish there was some kind of breast exchange system where those who want bigger size could trade with those who are tired of lugging around their super-sized chests.

After all, you hear a lot about the downsides of having big boobs, beginning with the maddening scarcity of appropriate, fitting bra size.

How about the fact that jogging as an activity simply isn’t for large-breasted women; not to talk of the back pain that goes with large front!

And then, there are the bigger issues.

Sometimes, it feels like one should be able to take them off at night to sleep a little more comfortably!

Just like it is cause for concern when one considers the way big-boobs women have to brace themselves to be ogled and cat-called all day if they dare to show a sliver of cleavage.

A low-cut dress is not really advisable with big boobs, and the affected ladies must really grapple with the barrage of sexual attention they’re sure to receive if they wear one.

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Women in that category say the specific kind of big-boob attention can be annoying because you can’t control its flow. The trouble is such that they are sexualized by every stranger they happen to pass on the street!

Big-boobs women don’t mind men having a glance! But discreetly, not leering or ogling, and without unsolicited comments, please.


Big-breasted women are oversexualized in general. Sometimes, their names become synonymous with “sluttiness” despite no evidence that they’d done anything but develop a body we define as sexual.

In general, developing early is no picnic. It’s like waking up one day and discovering you’re the owner of a car you’re not yet licensed to drive, but that doesn’t stop grown men from hanging around the dealership speculating about the ride. You’re still mentally and emotionally a child, and being sexualized like an adult feels creepy and confusing.

Those of them who use dating sites say they get the sexualizing messages no matter what, but a smaller percentage when they use photos with no visible breastline

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Then there’s fashion. Trying to dress for work is a particular challenge ― a scoop-neck sweater that looks professional on a more modestly chested woman would have the HR counselling a woman with huge chest. High fashion that looks chic on a boyish model figure looks positively pornographic on a lady with big chest.

Of course, wearing a slogan T-shirt is out of it because the slogan will most likely be stretched beyond recognition.

So yes, big boobs come with baggage. But despite it all, there’s so much to adore about being a busty woman. Story for another day!

Adapted from HuffPost

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