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Music demands hard work, huge financial investments -17-year-old rising star Dicey

In the vibrant world of Nigerian music, emerging talents are always on the rise, each with a unique story to tell. One such rising star is Ekeh Precious Chidubem, known as “Dicey.”

Dicey is a promising talent who has made a bold entry into a crowded music space.

Iya Magazine recently encountered him. Read on, as we take you into Dicey’s journey, influences, musical style, creative process, aspirations, and the challenges he faces as a young artist on the rise.

When Dicey released his first song in 2021, his feeling was a mixture of anxiety and anticipation.

That song, Trouble in Paradise, did not shoot him to stardom, but he knew he had taken one step closer to his dream. He has since then made two EPs and 10 singles, and the release of each comes with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Born in Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital in 2006, Dicey’s birth name is Ekeh Precious Chidubem. The moniker, “Dicey,” spontaneously emerged after a period of searching for the right stage name.

I engage in vocal and writing practices, learn production, study the industry, and most of all, maintain discipline and decorum

“I was just looking for a name that would be easy for my fans to remember and pronounce,” he said. “And when Dicey came to me, I knew that’s it.”

The 17-year-old came into the music scene with no prior knowledge of the entertainment industry. For him, it was a tasking journey of self-discovery in which he was constantly researching to hone his craft.

In his quest for professional excellence, Dicey takes inspiration from such notable greats like Davido, Rema, Fireboy, Oxlade, Don Jazzy, and Justin Bieber. Each of these artists contributes unique elements to Dicey’s evolving style, from their music to their personalities.

But by and large, Dicey is deeply connected to the Afrobeats genre, appreciating its diverse and distinctive African sound. He finds Afrobeats’ fusion of instrumentals, vocals, meaning, and rhythm uniquely captivating. This genre allows him to express his artistry authentically while celebrating his African heritage, he says.

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Dicey is only 17 and of school age. So, has music made him forget his education? “Of course, not”, he laughs. “I am running a degree programme in Mass Communications at the Dominican University in Ibadan. That way, I am able to get the full support of my family for a music career,” he adds.

Combining music with school work can be tough, but Dicey confesses that his studies have been a great asset.

music is a tasking journey of self-discovery in which I AM constantly researching to hone My craft

“The Mass Communications programme has helped me enhance the process of artistic development. I engage in vocal and writing practices, learn production, study the industry, and most of all, maintain discipline and decorum.”

For Dicey, the recording process is not just about creating music but also perfecting his work. Performing live has also become an integral part of his journey.

“I’ve performed in different places, but my most memorable was my first performance in Abuja, Nigeria, and my performance at the Nattyverse fashion show in Abuja as well,” he informs.

In an industry riddled with cut-throat competition, Dicey believes there are two primary ways to stand out: raw talent and hard work. “By combining these elements and adding a unique style, an artist can make their mark,” he opines.

Proficiency with the guitar has helped my vocal pitch

Talking about talent, Dicey does not just sing. He plays the drums and acoustic guitar.
“Proficiency with the guitar has helped my vocal pitch. The sound blends, gets strong and harmonious,” he lectures.

Dicey’s short-term goals include growing as an artiste, expanding his fan base, and continuing to express himself through music. And the long-term?

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“My goals are ambitious,” he laughs. “Yes, I want to break records, top charts, collaborate with established artistes, and leave a lasting legacy as a musical legend.”

So, what are the obstacles? “The only thing I find challenging is actually the funding and promotions,“ he says. “Music demands not only hard work but also substantial financial investments.”

my most memorable was my first performance in Abuja, and also at the Nattyverse fashion show

Dicey’s strategy for overcoming this hurdle is to persevere, work harder, and increase his income. He also emphasizes the value of networking and building connections in the music industry. These relationships, he says, are crucial for gaining support, guidance, and opportunities.

As Ekeh Precious Chidubem, aka Dicey, hums his latest single, his passion and dedication to his art are all too glaring. And as he continues to learn, grow, and navigate the challenges of the industry, Dicey is undoubtedly an artist to watch!

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