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There is tough time right now, Tinubu warns ministers

President Bola Tinubu has admonished the newly appointed ministers not to allow the word ‘impossibility’ in their dictionary of service.

At the inaugural Federal Executive Council Meeting (FEC), Tinubu stressed that everything is possible and must be possible.

He said, “We have talents, we have the level of intellectual capacity to turn this country around.

“You and I know that the expectation is high and there is tough time right now, we must work hard, commit ourselves and create a buoyant economy that will serve every Nigerian.

“We have unemployment level that is unacceptable, we are threatened by climate changes; we still have under-employment.

“To turn things around, you have been selected to perform your utmost best. The policy agenda will be set to reform the economy to deliver sustainable and inclusive growth.”

Christiana Alabi-Akande
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