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Single mother empowers others through Project59

Single parenting, especially single-motherhood, is something the African society generally frown at. This is because the term ‘single mother’ brings different signals to different ears. And most of the time, it’s not a comforting signal.

Meanwhile, single-motherhood is not just as a result of out-of-wedlock pregnancies, there are other factors such as the early widowhood, spousal abandonment, rape, divorce, etc.; hence the need for the society to review the stance towards single parenting, especially when it affects women.

Bisi Adegbite-Kuforoji is a single-mother by divorce, but, as she says, she had planned to live with her husband till death do them part. However, circumstances altered her vision about marriage and shattered her dream of having a sustainable, fruitful and a happy one.

She said she was left with no choice than to leave a marriage that she had sacrificed everything to save. She left with her four children and became a single-mother. She later founded Project59, which is meant to provide a safe space for single mothers.

According to her, the founding of the project was done to coincide with her 59th birthday. This, she believes, would enable her to reach out to other single mothers and empower them through training and equipping them financially.

Her social media platform provided the opportunity for reaching out to the single mothers, following which she started her training and also introducing them to network marketing business that has reportedly helped the beneficiaries.

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