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They’re no wife material, Kiddwayya trolls Big Brother female housemates

The all-star version of popular reality show, Big Brother, is well into another week and actions are starting to heat up, making the show more appealing and yielding more juicy gossips.

Benue billionaire’s son Terseer Kiddwaya became the topic of social media discuss this morning when he took a swipe at all the female housemates in the house, while airing out his frustration in a conversation with fellow housemate Pere.

The 28-year-old in a video circulating on social media can be heard complaining to his friend about how disappointed he was in the ladies in the house as they seem to be lacking general home keeping skills like cooking and cleaning.

Some BBN All-Star housemates

He also accused them of being deficient in wifely characteristics and said they don’t measure up to his own lover in any way.

“I’ve got a girl anyway, and I’m like my girl is a million times better than all of them here.

“I haven’t seen any of them clean, I haven’t seen any of them cook, I haven’t seen anyone of them show any wife material characteristics,” he said to Pere, who can be seen washing and doing the dishes in the kitchen.

Concluding, Kiddwaya blurted, “You know…I’m like, mehn – F**k every one of them”.

Pere, who was cleaning and doing the dishes, can be heard agreeing with him, as he kept urging him on with replies of “so damn right’ and ‘Hmm hmmm” while Kiddwaya ranted.

Kidwayya and Pere seem to have drawn the ire of women on social media with their conversation, unsurprisingly, as many consider the discussion as disrespectful to women.

They argue that the ladies are in the house as fellow housemates hustling for the prize money, and not there to please the men or anyone.

The all-stars version of the show, which saw Princess being evicted a couple hours ago, kicked off on July 23.

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