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11 things real men don’t say to women!

Football is not for women

Women play professional football like men, just as much as women enjoy watching the game.

Why won’t a woman have children?

No matter how anyone feels, motherhood is a choice.

The fact of being a woman does not force anyone to have to give birth and that has to be respected.

The woman’s place is in the home

Please, what century does someone who says something like that live in?

If a woman wishes to be a professional and work outside the home, so be it!

I am going to say it clearly: women can develop beyond the home and the responsibility for housework is shared.

You wear too much make-up. You want to seduce me?

This a typical comment from a man insecure himself who believes that because a woman decides to dress up because she wants to, it already implies that she wants to seduce someone.

Faced with the question, “who do you want to seduce?” The best answer is: “Someone who has no problem seeing me dressed up and who doesn’t doubt themselves.”

Women always cause troubles at work

Well, which authority does anyone have to back this up?

Some even think that having a woman as a boss is a humiliating matter and they don’t know how to handle them.

Yet, women are just as capable and adaptable as men.

Don’t you want to marry?

What if I don’t want to get married, do you have a problem with that?

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Women do not have to marry or have to be tied to another man to survive and fulfill themselves as a person.

Whether she wants to get married or not is a totally valid decision.

Men should earn higher than women


Everywhere there are campaigns to reduce wage inequality between men and women because it has been proven that women earn an average of 20% less than men for the same work.

Is it fair that one person earns 20% less than another for doing the same task simply because they are of a different gender?

Obviously not… So please don’t accept this premise in your work.

Decent women don’t have male friends

Not only do we feel upset when we hear this statement, but it is also a clear indication of misogyny.

To put it in other words, they are not confident in their relationship and want to limit our freedom as women because they see a threat in you having male friends or what other people may say about it.

Sorry, this is male discussion

Sorry, but my opinion is as valid as yours! Men’s and women’s things can be discussed by both genders.

Everyone can contribute their opinion from their perspective and be constructive.

So, keep this statement to yourself!

Men work harder than women

It’s true, we don’t work as hard as men. We work more than men!

The gender of a person does not determine their work capacity, there are both men and women who are super capable and enterprising.

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Discrimination of this kind can no longer be tolerated in the workplace.

You mean you really want to go out with your friends?

Yes, I’m going out with my friends and I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission.

As a woman I like to dance and be with my friends, I have every right to do it if I feel like it and it shouldn’t have to become a reason for discussion.

The bottom line
Women are as rational as men and therefore deserve respect.

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