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4 Simple Ways To Elevate Your Personal Style

By Folashade Ogunlade

Are you having a difficult time looking as good as you want? Do you find yourself feeling like that spark is always missing when you dress up for that special occasion? Have you been overly stressed financially and mentally thinking about what to wear and whether it will look good enough on you? Well, you need to understand that the small things matter. You do not have to go to Lagos Island and spend all your savings on clothes; neither do you need to buy every piece of jewelry you can get your hands on, you just need to know some essential style tips, and you’re good to go. In this week’s edition of style and fashion on Iya magazine, we will be looking at simple ways to elevate your looks for that classic outlook you have always wanted.

1. Know your style preference

All this talk about “fashion is pain” is really not ideal because style and fashion are not meant for pain but to make you feel comfortable with the way you look. So, the first thing you need to know about yourself is your personal style.

You need to know the things you are comfortable wearing and the things you are not because this determines your level of confidence. So before going any further, ask yourself the things you are comfortable wearing and the ones you’re not and start from there because this will define your aesthetics.

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2. Take Time to Accessorize

Aside from the clothes you wear, the next step to elevating your personal style is accessorizing. There is nothing you cannot do at this point, but you should base your accessorizing on different occasions you attend.

You can accessorize with different accessories such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, hats, and watches. These accessories do not need to be expensive; they can be simple, classic, and of course, budget-friendly.

3. Dress Based on Your Size

If you have ever had it in mind that you have to wear dresses far smaller than your size or clothes that do not fit altogether, you can dress based on your size and still look great.

Dressing in clothes that do not fit can cause slow suffocation, and when you dress in clothes that are too loose can make you look bigger than you are, so make them fit, and they’ll look perfect on you.

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4. Have a Trusted Fashion Designer

I know that the minute you saw this tip, you remembered the tailor who disappointed you the last time but I can assure you that there are good fashion designers who can tailor your clothes to your taste and style. So, take time to search for a good fashion designer and get the best out of them.

Bottom Line

Fashion can be very simple and enjoyable; you just need to know how to get the ball rolling on your personal style. To elevate your personal style, these are simple steps you can use to your advantage. You can always look great; it’s simple, it’s classic, and it’s here.

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