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Abuja victim of taxi robbery dies as Maitama General Hospital allegedly insisted on police report before treatment

In a heart-breaking incident, a young lady named Greatness Olorunfemi, who fell victim to taxi cab robbery, also known as ‘one-chance’ operation in Abuja, reportedly died after a hospital declined to provide her with medical assistance.

Her harrowing account was shared by a Twitter user with the handle #Gbemilekhe, who recounted the devastating sequence of events. According to the Tweet, it was alleged that the hospital located in the Maitama area of Abuja insisted on a police report as a prerequisite for commencing her treatment.

Greatness Olorunfemi passed away shortly thereafter.

Greatness was reportedly pushed out of a moving vehicle by criminals operating a ‘one-chance’ scheme in Abuja.

“She was swiftly transported to Maitama General Hospital, but they declined to offer her any assistance while insisting on a police report. Tragically, she lost her life shortly thereafter,” the Tweet reads.

Another Tweet with the hashtag “Nwaadaz on the platform, identified as a friend of Olorunfemi, provided further distressing details about the incident. It was reported that the assailants had not only pushed Olorunfemi from the moving vehicle but had also inflicted stab wounds on her.

Despite her dire condition, the Maitama General Hospital, as alleged, denied her access to medical care, ultimately leading to her death.

“Maitama General Hospital refused to provide medical attention to my friend, who had been stabbed by a ‘one-chance’ driver in Abuja.

“They allowed her to succumb to her injuries, and shockingly, they locked the doors of the emergency ward because she did not possess a police report! Nigeria has failed Greatness,” the painful Tweet lamented.

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