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Our daughter lives lavish lifestyle while we languish in poverty -BBNaija winner Phyna’s parents

Phyna’s parents had high hopes when their daughter emerged as the winner of the BBNaija ‘Level Up’ edition in 2022, with a whopping N100 million prize money.

They thought their days of hardship were over, and they eagerly awaited their daughter’s return to share her blessings with them.

But to their dismay, Phyna never came back home — or so they said.

She allegedly cut off all contact with her parents, and left them in the dark about her whereabouts and activities.

She only told her father, Mr Felix Otabor, to sell his old cars and stop working as a hearse driver, promising to change his life. But she never fulfilled her promise, the dad claimed.

Mr Otabor, who is 68 years old and has four children, said he regretted selling his cars and losing his source of income.

He said he had not seen or heard from Phyna since she won the reality TV show.

He said he was suffering in silence, and needed help to survive.

He said he was baffled by his daughter’s attitude, and wondered what he and his wife had done wrong to deserve such treatment from their first child.

He said Phyna was living a lavish lifestyle on social media, while her parents were languishing in poverty.

He appealed to anyone who could reach out to Phyna to plead with her to remember her roots and help her family.

Efosa Ayobahan
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