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Amla, fruit that boosts liver function, melts fat, aids hair growth

Amla fruit has been touted as a vibrant green berry shown to improve liver function, weight loss, hair growth, and more.

Also known as Indian gooseberry, this fruit has been used in traditional Indian cultures for centuries and it packs a pretty potent list of perks, according to research.

Amla fruit is native to India where it can be easily enjoyed as whole berries or in juice.

Researchers say that amla fruit is especially helpful for our livers. An animal study from 2015 found subjects were able to ward off fatty liver disease despite being fed a high-sugar diet. The fruit protected the organ from the issue by promoting certain protein functions.

Another animal study from 2017 had similar results and also claimed amla reduced body weight and belly fat. More studies still need to be done with humans, but this is certainly a promising start.

Amla fruit also has incredibly high levels of vitamin C, about 600 to 700 milligrams in just one small berry. Along with revving up our immune system, it makes the fruit an antioxidant powerhouse that boosts gut health and lowers cholesterol.

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A 2020 study also found that using amla fruit topically on both men and women increased their rate of hair growth and the density of new strands. Researchers claimed participants showed significant improvements after just three months of applying the extract to their hair and scalp.

Reviewers also claim the antioxidant-rich amla fruit powder works wonders when blended with avocado or yogurt and applied as a face mask.

Though Amla fruit may be a bit more difficult to find in Nigeria, you can grab amla fruit powder on Amazon and add it to smoothies or mix it with a carrier oil for a DIY hair mask.

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