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Best Tips for Softening Your Cracked Heels

By Folashade Ogunlade

Cracked heels can be very annoying. You literally cannot put on certain shoes anymore because of the outlook. You just get restricted to certain shoes that cover those heels up, but it does not have to be this way.

If you’re a heel lover like me, you know how good it feels to slay in those beautiful-looking heels, but sadly those cracked heels get in the way all the time. It hampers your confidence, and you feel less comfortable, but there are solutions to it, and in this article, we will be looking at some of the best tips for softening your cracked heels.

Causes of Crack Heels

One of the major causes of cracked heels is not because you are dirty but because of dryness. Here are other causes of cracked heels:

  • Constantly standing barefoot on hard floors.
  • Constantly wearing open-back shoes and sandals.
  • Weight gain, which pressurizes your heels.
  • Athlete foot and foot eczema.

While some cracks are minor, some are more detrimental than others leading to a lot of discomforts.

Tips for Healing and Softening Cracked Heels

Here are some of the best ways to soften and heal your cracked heels:

1. Constantly apply moisturizers

Irrespective of the intensity of the heel crack, moisturizing is a good place to start. Once you moisturize your heel, at least twice a day. A lot of people feel like it does not work for them, but this is far from the truth. They lack the consistency to patiently apply these moisturizers till they get the results they need hence the feeling that it does not work. Once you can consistently apply moisturizers in the morning and at night before you sleep, this keeps the skin moisturized, and this helps it to heal.

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2. Use Petroleum Jelly

If your heel dryness and cracks are intense, your skin needs proper hydration, and this is something you can easily get by applying petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly provides your skin with a shielding barrier that makes it difficult for moisture to leave your foot. One of the most popular petroleum jelly products you can apply is Vaseline which contains healing ointments that help to heal your heels.

3. Exfoliate Using Pumice Stone

Pumice stone is a special heel healing tool that has been used from generation to generation and is still useful today. When used alongside other tips like moisturizers, you moisturize those heels and easily rub off dead skin cells which remain on the heels.

4. Wear closed-back shoes

Are you used to wearing open-back sandals? You need to change this at once because it leaves your heels open to dryness and accumulated dirt. Instead, opt for shoes that can keep your heels properly covered. When your heels are properly healed, you can interchange between open and closed-back shoes but avoid wearing these open shoes more than the closed ones.

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Bottom Line

No matter how cracked your heels are, these are tips that can make your heels look and feel great. Avoid trying to look for quick solutions like scraping your heels. Instead, be consistent, keep at it, and you will get great results you will enjoy for a long time. If you want to get rid of cracked heels and slay in those heels, take these tips and enjoy yourself wherever you go.

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