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Bumps on nipples: When you should be concerned

As a woman, you need to always take time to examine your body.

If you notice bumps on your nipples for the first time, avoid going on the internet and causing yourself unnecessary anxiety.

Noticing bumps on your nipples does not always mean trouble. As a matter of fact, not all bumps require treatment.

The breast is a very sensitive part of the female body, and women have been tasked with ensuring that they examine every part of the breast regularly.

During a breast examination session, if the average woman notices bumps, the first thing that comes to mind is breast cancer. So, avoid getting overly anxious; visit your gynaecologist to ensure everything is fine for certain.

Here are some important details about bumps on your nipples you need to know.

Having Bumps on Your Nipples Can Be Normal

There are different types of nipples, from pointed to flat and even inverted nipples, all of which are surrounded by your areola.

If you have started to notice small bumps around your areolas, then this is totally normal. The bumps around your areola secrete fluids which help to keep your nipples lubricated – this is absolutely normal.

What are the Other Causes of Bumps on your Nipples?

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There are other reasons why you might start to notice bumps on your nipples. You might start to notice bumps as a result of an infection or hormonal changes. Here are other causes of bumps on your nipples:

• Eczema: this is a skin condition that causes bumps, itching and dryness. When you have eczema, you might notice bumps on your nipples. This can be treated using prescribed lotions, medications and constant bra changes.

• Ingrown hair: in case you do not know, hair grows around your nipples. Sometimes, the hair can grow back into the skin leading to bumps which can sometimes be painful. This can be eased using a cold compress or a cold shower.

• Skin tags: a skin tag is a small growth on the skin of the nipple. It looks the same as the colour of your nipples. While it is harmless, it can be surgically removed.
How Do I Get Rid of Bumps on My Nipples?

Depending on the cause of the bump, it is possible to remove it. If you have a serious, infectious or annoying bump on your nipple, here are some of the things you can try out:

• Avoid using shampoos and soaps that are too harsh.
• Be sure to wear bras and clothing that are both clean and breathable.
• Making use of a cold compress all around the areas of the nipples that are impacted by bumps.
• Making use of lotions and oils that include tea tree oil.
• Try scrubbing the area around the nipples with exfoliating soap.

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For what it’s worth, these are elementary information you need to know about bumps on your breast. If you still feel uneasy about having bumps on your nipple, consult your doctor immediately.

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