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Despite the odds, you can have healthy, happy life

Having a good life is not an impossible dream. As a matter of fact, everyone has the potential to live a happy life. Happiness is a mindset, and it applies to everyone. We all experience financial, mental, emotional, and other forms of stress as Nigerians.

However, irrespective of the different forms of stress we experience, we can still live a happy life, especially as women. In this article, we will be exploring everything you need to live a healthy and happy life as a Nigerian.

What exactly is happiness?

True happiness cannot be bought; it must be earned. Many Nigerians do not grow up with a silver spoon in their mouth. As a matter of fact, the majority live the average life growing up.

Despite this, they find contentment in the simple pleasures of life and build on this foundation to uncover their life’s true purpose. And this further challenges the belief that monetary success is a surefire route to happiness. Here are some of the ways Nigerian society influences our level of happiness:
• Negative societal norms
• Money-related delusion
• Problems in society and the economy

We can sometimes get caught up in the web of these influences, but here’s the thing, it is still possible to be happy.

Tips for living a happy life in Nigeria

Whether you’re a woman or man in Nigeria, here are some tips for living a healthy and happy life:

  • Surround yourself with happy people
    A positive temperament is contagious, and it spreads easily among happy people. When you have people like them on hand, you can’t afford to be negative. These people tend to see the positives in virtually every negative situation, and this can help shape you into a positive individual as well.
  • Value your friendship
    Friends are a way out of depression. This is because good friends encourage you to make healthy decisions and help you recover faster from failures. With good friends, you get empathy, and anytime you remember their words, you get motivated and realize that you can do just about anything.
  • Be Spiritual
    The spiritual life consists of one’s beliefs, ideas, emotions, and desires. Peace of mind and contentment on the inside add up to a healthy spiritual life. Everyone needs a set of spiritual beliefs that can guide them through life and help them flourish.
  • Be nice to others
    Small acts of kindness can have a big impact. The first step is to treat others and yourself with kindness by doing things like smiling and saying thank you. Adopting this sense of modesty as a way of life will bring about a cascade of positive effects, including better productivity, improved mood, and an overall sense of contentment.
  • Get a hobby
    It’s not about how busy you are, but rather how you prioritize your time. If you care deeply about your well-being, you should make time for leisure and play. Having a good time is obviously good for your health. What is it that you take the most pleasure in doing? Your interests should consist of things that you enjoy doing. It’s critical that you select a hobby that fits well with your goals, ideals, and personality.
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Bottom line

A happy life is a choice. You can either choose to be happy or bow to your circumstances. There are lots and lots of issues surrounding Nigeria as a nation, from the scarcity of funds to the bad economy, the lack of opportunities, bad leaders, and a cascade of other things that lead to depression.

However, you can choose to see the positive side of things, brush off all the negativity, and live a happy life. With these tips and a host of others, you can thrive and be happy in a society that others find challenging. Nigeria is blessed; it will get better. However, you can still thrive until this happens – all the best.

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