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Dry, rough elbows and how to smoothen them!

Of all the parts of the body, elbows probably have it the worst when it comes to care and tending.

Most people won’t even bother to take a look at their elbows unless they accidentally brush them against a hard surface and they get bruised; or when they feel any form of discomfort right there.

These years of neglect could cause a buildup of dry and rough skin on the elbows, which takes away from our body’s aesthetic integrity, killing our self-confidence when it’s time to go out in short arm outfits or sleeveless.

If this has been a challenge for you, then you’re in luck, as we’ll be looking at some of the best ways to eliminate ashy, rough elbows, making them smooth and supple. But first, let’s talk more about possible reasons why those elbows aren’t looking so nice.

Causes of dry and rough elbows
There are a couple of reasons why elbows might tend to harden and become rough over the years. Some of them are;
Friction: Years of continuous rubbing against fabrics, leaning against hard surfaces, and accidental bumps and hits tend to take their toll on our elbow textures and harden them
Age: Due to having a lesser number of oil glands, elbows might start to lose the ability to retain moisture as age passes
Swimming: According to online portal Healthline, exposing the skin frequently to pool water could cause the elbows to harden because of its chlorine content.
• Harmful skin care products: Some soaps, lotions, sprays, and body wash contain harmful substances that erode skin oil and cause hardening.
• Weather changes: Temperature changes can also be a factor, as cold seasons like harmattan can suck out moisture from the skin, leaving it dry and rough. This can be a possibility with hot weather temperatures, too.
• Health challenges: Skin diseases like diabetes, eczema and psoriasis can also cause dry skin, making the elbows turn dry and hard.

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Ways to smoothen dry and rough elbows
The following are some of the best tips for eliminating dry elbows and making them smooth and supple again.

Regular exfoliation

Elbow before and after exfoliation

This is very necessary to help rid the body of dead and dry cells on the skin. According to New Beauty, opting for exfoliating products with alpha hydroxy acids –AHAs, salicylic acids, glycolic acid or lactic acid is the best bet for removing dead skin cells from the body.

Moisturize more

Moisturizing the elbow

It is very important to moisturize your skin after taking a shower or bathing. Check for over-the-counter brands with contents like olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa or shea butter, or petroleum jelly. These are your best bets.

Adjust your shower time Spending too much time in the shower or bathing excessively can rid the body of its natural oil, making it prone to dryness. This would consequently take its toll on your elbows, making them dry and rough. Perhaps it’s time to adjust your bathing routine.

Guard against the elements Extreme heat and cold temperatures can affect the ability of the skin to retain moisture, making it go dry quickly.

Sun Protection Formula, SPF

To avoid having the sun dry out the skin, sunscreen should be applied generously to protect the skin when you’re out. To protect the skin from the cold, moisturizers should also be applied and the elbows well protected.

Proper hydration Drinking enough water helps to hydrate the body and keeps it moisturized. Drink more waterAdding more foods rich in magnesium, Vit. C, carotene and fatty acid into the mix would help a great deal, as they aid in moisture retention.

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Protect your elbows If your daily routine requires your elbows getting in contact with hard surfaces, like leaning on furniture or crawling on elbows while working out, then it is important to wear fabrics that would help protect them and lessen the impact.

Elbow protector

This would help prevent them from getting rough or even being bruised.

Every part of our body needs care and proper tending to look its best and function optimally. Neglecting them might cause degeneration, leading to further complications, which is why it is good to be in tune with our bodies as they usually leave us telltale signs before this happens.

As earlier mentioned, dry and rough elbows could also be a sign of an underlying health condition. This is why it would be best to seek the help of a health provider if the above tips fail to yield desired results.

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