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Google launches Bard to rival ChatGPT

Internet search engine, Google, has launched its AI chatbot it has named Bard.

Released on March 21, Google describes Bard as a conversational generative Artificial Intelligence chatbot developed and based on the LaMDA family of large language models.

Bard for Google Chrome extension enables users to easily integrate Bard AI with the browser and access conversational responses alongside the Google search results.

Whether you’re looking for quick answers to simple questions or engaging in more complex conversations, Bard AI’s natural language capabilities are designed to provide you with human-like responses that help you find the information you need.

Key features

  • Conversational responses that engage in natural language conversations with users
  • Open-ended responses that generate creative and unique ideas, suggestions, or opinions
  • Uses LaMDA version, known for its high-quality natural language responses
  • Can understand and respond to both easy and complex questions
  • Uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to understand and respond to natural language input
  • Can be used for a variety of applications, including customer service, chatbots, and personal assistants
  • Supports multiple languages, making it accessible to a broader audience
  • Provides personalized responses based on the user’s input and preferences
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Why is Bard useful?

  • Provides quick and easy access to natural language conversational responses
  • Helps users find information more quickly and efficiently than traditional search methods
  • Provides unique ideas, suggestions, and opinions
  • Can understand and respond to both simple and complex questions, making it useful for a wide range of queries
  • Supports multiple languages, making it accessible to users all over the world
  • Provides personalized responses based on user input and preferences, making it more relevant and helpful

Bard is currently free and can be accessed via – https://bard.google.com/

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