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VIDEO: Korra slept with her friend’s fiancé while five-month pregnant with our second baby -Justin Dean

Justin Dean, ex-husband of popular Nigerian-born dancer Anita Chukwumfumnaya Obidi, aka, Korra Obidi, has alleged that his ex-wife had sex with the fiancé of her friend when she was five months pregnant with their second baby.

Korra has denied the allegation, saying that the alleged chats being flashed by Justin in the Facebook video had been doctored.

Korra and Justin got married in 2018 and had two children together. They divorced in March 2022 days after Korra gave birth to their second child, a female. Since then, the two parties have continued to be at each other’s jugulars.

Justin went live on his Facebook page on Wednesday [today] with his allegation, noting, “My sole intention is to clear my name and end two years of lies.”

He also warns, “She is still encouraging people to harrass me. Biggest bombshell coming up.”

According to the medical doctor, Korra changed after getting her green card and began acting up in their marriage.

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He explained that his ex-wife came to Nigeria for her friend’s wedding when she was five months pregnant with their child, and he later discovered that she slept with her friend’s husband-to-be from their chats.

Displaying the alleged screenshots of the chats, Justin said he was deeply hurt by the discovery.

See the video:

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