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How I paid for two C-sections without financial support from my husband -Wife

A Facebook user who goes by the name Joy Elvis Meda has narrated what many of her followers have described as “bizarre story.”

And, while many had praised her for continuing in her marriage, others have voted down her decision to stay with her husband. This is even as some people expressed doubts about the veracity of the uncommon story.

Joy said she decided to narrate her story via a closed Facebook group, Rant HQ Extension, in reaction to another trending story on the same matter.

The narration has received 42 shares and well over 1,300 comments so far.

Joy states:

I want to share my story concerning the trending comment a woman made that she begged her husband to borrow her money for CS.

Mine was that I was booked for CS. Which hubby knew. On the said day, he went to work and we have no maid. I called him that I’m already in the hospital, he said he’s coming. On getting there he was asked to deposit, he came to me and said I should give him my ATM. I refused , he then said, don’t you want to have the baby again? I said yes off course I want my baby..he said then deposit money so the doctor can commence.

I told him I don’t have money, he knew about the money in my account which was for my business and goods were already on the way.

He said he can’t waste his money on cs that if I had vaginal birth he would have paid any amount. The doctors and nurses kept coming till midnight. By then he has gone and I was going pains all over my waste. At around 2am I told my mom to call him, he asked if I have deposited? My mom said no, my mom began crying on the phone, begging him to pay the money, he refused. I later paid and the cs was carried out. When he heard that I have birth through cs he said it’s alright that I have money to be throwing.

Then my second child was also cs, I started stealing his money from the day I realized that I’m pregnant. He refused to pay and this time he told me , if I like I should birth ten through cs, that he won’t pay a dime. After the cs , I paid. Till date he has not asked me where I got the money.

When my third baby came, I told him I don’t have money that he should pay this time. He said it’s better I abort the baby now that it’s still early, on my third month I had a miscarriage. He said the baby knows he won’t pay for the cs and decides to go back peacefully.

I have zip (sic) up..
No more babies for now keep your money for
Joy Elvis Meda

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