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How to get creative with table salt

There are various ways that salt can be put to good use apart from just cooking. Well…and maybe bricking up an annoying fellow who won’t stop getting on your nerves like God did Lot’s wife.

From cooking to cleaning, preservation and even cosmetics find out many more amazing ways you can get to milk that regular white substance, sitting in a shaker on your kitchen table.

Deodorize smelly shoes

Yeah, it’s quite frustrating when you take off your shoes in the office or any other public space and people are twitching their noses around trying to locate where the foul odor is coming from. Not a healthy one for self-esteem at all.

The good news, however, is that you can get to deodorize and rid your shoes of that pungent stink by making a habit of sprinkling a little salt into them at night before going to bed.

The salt would help to soak up the smell overnight and you’ll wake up to your shoes fresh and ready.

Rid glasses of lipstick stains

Lipstick stains can sometimes be so annoying, especially when they latch on to any other surface except where they’re designed to be – your lips.

It even gets worse when they glue onto your precious tumblers and other glass wares, probably after hosting a little get-together with your peeps.

Even though most lipsticks are made to withstand the test of liquid, scrubbing a little salt against those stained surfaces before finishing off with soap and water would help to clear them off in no time.

Clean off grubby sponges

Grubby, messy sponges are quite irritating, disgusting, and ‘Ewww”. Apart from the fact that they lose a chunk of their effectiveness by becoming slimy, soft and hard to grip, they also mess up the looks of your sink just sitting right there like some ugly,fat Toad.

Instead of having to replace them now and then, you can prolong their use date by making a solution of salt and water: ¼ cup of salt per 1 liter of water. Dip your sponge in it for a couple of hours and air dry afterward. This would help drain the slimy mess away and restore sharpness and life to your sponge.

Preserve bright-colored clothes

Bright-colored clothes are always prone to bleeding, most especially when they are new.
To prevent the colors from fading fade, simply add ½ cup of salt to your washing water and it’ll help preserve your cloth’s brightness.

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Skin exfoliation

Exfoliating the skin is very necessary as it helps rid the body of dead and dried skin, increases blood circulation, and also improves the glow of your skin. Whilst there are myriads of chemical substances out there that are made for this, going all natural would always be a more expedient option, considering safety.

Simply rub and massage a handful of sea salt against your skin after a warm shower. Do this gently in a circular motion to exfoliate your skin.

Clear blocked drains

“Where are these plumbing guys when you need them the most?” Don’t worry. Learn this simple hack today and you probably would never have to worry anymore: at least not for the little stuff.

Prepare a mixture of one cup of salt and baking soda – each, and ½ cup of white vinegar and pour it down the draining hole. After a 10 – 15 minute break, pour a kettle of boiling water through the draining and take a couple of steps back to avoid getting hit by splashes from the mad bubbles.

Finish off with enough buckets of clean water after the calm.

Clear gunk off pressing iron surface

So, you burnt your clothes while ironing and it left a pile of mess on your iron’s surface?
No problem.

To clean it off, pour some salt on a sheet of paper and run your steaming hot iron over it till the gunk is lifted off.

Eliminate weed

Are the weeds threatening to run your precious plants over and take over your Garden?
This simple hack can help restore sanity to your space and also help you save up on weed control costs.

Boil a mixture of 1 cup of salt in 2 cups of water and pour into a spray bottle after cooling. Proceed to spray the mixture directly on the weeds in the garden and watch them wither off after a couple of days.

Ensure to avoid the mixture getting on your flowers and plants while spraying so as not to get them damaged by the weeds.

Fertilize your garden plants

Sea salts come stacked with necessary minerals like iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and more – unlike our regular table salt. This makes them a perfect option for plants and earth nourishment.

To take advantage of this, simply add one teaspoon of sea salt to one gallon of water and spray your plants with it, using a garden sprayer.
Repeat this process at least twice a week to see visible changes.

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Ease pains from bites and sting

Bites and stings

Stings from bees, ants, and wasps can be excruciatingly nasty. If you ever find yourself in such an unfortunate position then this simple hack can be very helpful in helping to restore some calm to your system and bringing you some relief.

Simply add some salt to clean water and apply the solution to the affected area before proceeding to finish off with olive oil.

This hack also works for pains and irritations from skin contact with pollens from oak trees, wild parsnips, poison ivy, and other poisonous trees.


Salt gets less praise than it deserves. The entire human race owes its existence to salt as it would have been practically impossible for humans in the past to preserve foods to brave hard times like winter.

It also made it easy to stock up in preparation for long journeys and migrations as humans no longer have to depend on readily available foods.

Salt has been an integral part of our lives and over the years, humans have found even many more ways to make the most of them. The above-mentioned are some of the other ways salt has been put to use.

Take some time out to try them at home and send us your feedback. Please drop us some comments and don’t forget to like and share.

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