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How to make your cheap clothes look expensive

Looking good, they say, is good business, and my dear Naija people know this fact all too well.

We know how to turn heads at parties, owambes, and even just casual hangouts, donning attires that make people wonder if we have a secret clothing mint stashed somewhere in our houses.

The secret, my dear friends, isn’t in having an overflowing wardrobe, but in knowing how to make even the most inexpensive clothes look like they walked straight out of a designer’s showroom. So, grab a bowl of your favorite jollof rice, sit back, and let’s reveal some fashion secrets, Naija-style!

First off, we must talk about fit
Clothes that fit perfectly have a magical way of looking high-end, no matter the cost. Why? Because they hug you in all the right places, creating a silhouette that is tailored to you and you alone.

Fitted Ankara style

You don’t have to spend a fortune on bespoke clothing to achieve this; find a good tailor or seamstress (and we know they are a dime a dozen in every corner of our country), who can tweak your clothing to your size.

So, whether it’s that Ankara dress, or that shirt you love, a little nip here, a tuck there, and voila! You have a custom piece that looks like it was made just for you.

Next up, let’s discuss accessories
The secret isn’t just in the cloth but in the fine details. Pairing an affordable top with a bold, chunky necklace can make you look like you’re donning an outfit that costs an arm and a leg.

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Chunky necklace

The trick is to go for statement pieces that add an element of luxury to your outfit. A nice watch, classy jewelry, a snazzy belt, even a well-selected gele can take your outfit from “I bought this at Yaba market” to “this was flown in from Paris”.

We cannot forget fabric care
Ever noticed how even the most expensive clothing can look cheap when it’s faded or worn out? No matter how affordable your clothes are, taking good care of them can make them last longer and maintain their high-quality appearance.

Simple things like washing in cold water, air drying instead of using a machine, and ironing properly can make all the difference. You can save that big gele from looking like a crumpled piece of paper with the right ironing technique, trust me.

Color coordination and mixing patterns also come into play
Yes, we love our bold African prints, but we can make them look even more luxurious by pairing them with the right colors and patterns.

Mixed patterns

Don’t shy away from mixing patterns, it’s an art form we’ve been perfecting since the days of our ancestors, and it’s about time we use it to elevate our fashion game.

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Bottom Line
So, there you have it, my friends. You don’t need a wallet bursting with naira to look like a million bucks. You just need to know how to work what you have.

As we say in Nigeria, na packaging matter most! Let’s package ourselves in a way that makes the world stop and admire, one outfit at a time. After all, we are Naija, and we never carry last!

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